How to Prep for the Back to School Emotional Impact

how to prep for back to school

Summer is still in full swing, but in the back of every mother’s mind is the dreaded day of sending your child back to school. For some, it’s easy to send off your independent 5th grader who is ready to “rule the school,” but for others, it may be a difficult task to do each morning. We’ve put together a cheat sheet that will help get you in the back to school mindset.

Share Preschool Artwork

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In the early preschool and elementary years, your little one will be happier than ever to share everything with you. Keep those memories front and center by hanging up their artwork like it’s a masterpiece from Picasso’s blue period! Getting involved with your child’s classroom is a great way to ease the transition. The moms that bring snacks are always the best.

Dish During Lunch

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Once your child hits middle school, they slowly start to gravitate toward being more independent. This might also mean that they might get a bit moody trying to discover how to fit in. Make the transition easier on the both of you by talking about simple things like what they want for lunch. Come up with a few ideas that you can have on rotation and get your kid’s input so it’s a collaborative effort. Check this link for brown bagging tips and tricks for school lunches.

Drive the Bond Home

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High school can be a very influential, exciting and also stressful time in your teenager’s life. Find ways to bond before your child starts distancing your relationship because you’re no longer “the cool mom”. Use the weeks leading up to the first day back to school to teach your teen how to drive. You might be holding on to the seat for dear life now, but after a while, when the driving gets easier, take advantage of your personal chauffeur from running errands and getting groceries.

A College Keepsake

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Where did all the time go? If you’re sending your kid off to college, then the two of you have worked quite hard to get to this point. You’ve spent the last 18 years teaching your child how to make it on their own. Show them that you are there to help by driving up to the college and helping them get situated in the new dorm. Or give them a little independence by simply helping them pack and letting them experience that first day without you. Add a little note of encouragement in one of their boxes or remind your kid (and yourself) that you’re just a phone call away.

At the end of the day, no matter how big your child gets, he or she will always be your little baby. It is exciting to see them grow up, try new adventures and even fail sometimes, knowing that the lessons you taught them will help them get back on their feet. So make the most out of the first day of school this year and see what new adventures it will bring.

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