How to Potty Train Even When You’re on the Go + Free Printable!

How to Potty Train Even When You’re on the Go + Free Printable! | thegoodstuff

Have you ever been in a grocery store, your cart’s full, you’re almost done, three kids in tow, and you’re getting excited because you see the finish line? Then you hear, “Mom, I have to go to the bathroom!”

Yea, me too. It always happens when I’m on the opposite side of the store from the restroom, too. Always.

When a child, I don’t care how old, mutters those words, we have to stop, find a bathroom and let them go. When you’re potty training, the need to get your kid to a bathroom intensifies. But when you’re out and about, especially in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, having a potty training child can be especially stressful.

Here are some great tips for how to potty train even when you’re on the go that I used to keep my sanity!

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Tip #1: Carry a potty in your car

How to Potty Train Even When You’re on the Go + Free Printable! | thegoodstuff

I had a minivan when the kids were little and in it was a portable potty. That thing saved me so many times!

Not only is it convenient, but it helps with potty training by helping teach kids to “go before they go.” We all ask our kids if they need to go before leaving the house, but for little bladders that are learning to understand their body’s cues, having a potty on hand always helps.

If you don’t want the “Ew, gross!” factor, put a diaper in the potty to absorb everything and then toss it away.

Tip #2: If you pass a bathroom, make them go

How to Potty Train Even When You’re on the Go + Free Printable! | thegoodstuff

I remember when my middle daughter was potty training. She needed to go all the time. I don’t know if she was just trying to keep up with big sister or if going to the big potty was just self-esteem building.

So I learned that, when potty training and on the go, if you pass a bathroom, use it! Even if the kids say they don’t need to. Even if it’s not the cleanest bathroom in the world (we all have wipes in our bags anyway, right?).

They may not go, and that’s OK. But this will save you from hunting for bathrooms when they do need to go and teaches them to try when one’s available.

Tip #3: Go with your child into the bathroom

This might seem like a no-brainer, especially if your child is brand new to the potty. But even as they get used to using a big toilet, you need to go in with them.

You may get to where you’re not needed in the stall anymore — assuming you have confidence they’re wiping correctly — but going into the bathroom can at least ensure they’re using the bathroom and washing their hands.

It also helps them feel free to ask any questions if they get nervous. Plus, it just makes you feel better!

Tip #4: Be prepared for accidents

How to Potty Train Even When You’re on the Go + Free Printable! | thegoodstuff

It took one accident in the middle of a store aisle to teach me that even if you’re getting sick of carrying a diaper bag, you still need emergency clothing to help newly potty-trained kids.

I had nothing and had to buy pants, undies, wipes, and a small toy for an embarrassed and crying child. So make sure, whether you move to a large purse or have a box in the car, that you have everything you need should the inevitable happen!

Tip #5: Teach them to hold it

How to Potty Train Even When You’re on the Go + Free Printable! | thegoodstuff

Yes, I realize this may be in contradiction to stop at every bathroom, but at some point, kids need to learn that they can hold it — for a little while.

The truth is, as kids get a little more into training, teaching them to hold it for a moment is important. Don’t drop everything immediately and run to the bathroom. Try to make the time a little longer each time, without being ridiculous, of course.

And once they’ve learned they can hold it for a little bit, “you can hold it for 5 minutes while I finish checking out” Is no longer an unreasonable request!

Tip #6: Relax

I would bet there’s not a parent in the world who hasn’t dealt with an accident in public. It happens. It’s all part of training.

But we can’t just stay at home all day every day, especially during the holidays, so just know that accidents will happen. Be prepared, relax, and know that this time in a child’s development is something all parents deal with.

Bonus! Free Potty Training Reward Chart Printable

How to Potty Train Even When You’re on the Go + Free Printable! | thegoodstuff

Click on the image above or click here to download and print out your free Potty Training Reward Chart printable

Keep this fun Potty Training Reward Chart at home or take it with you while you’re on the go. You can add goals for your child by putting a star, smiley face, or other symbol every 4-5 steps down the path. (Or, if your child is a potty training champ, have them aim for larger goals!)

Every time your child successfully uses the potty while you’re on the go, at home, or both, mark off one circle on the path. You can even let your child mark the circle with a sticker, stamp, or by coloring it in. Once they reach their goal, offer up a small toy, treat, or fun activity as a reward for a job well done!

Potty training reward tips:

1. Make sure you explain to your child how they can earn their potty training reward. They might be able to earn rewards for trying to go, successfully going potty, or going number two — the goals depend on your child!

2. Make sure their potty training reward chart is in a spot visible to them if you keep it at home. This will help keep them excited and motivated.


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