11 Proven Ways to Make Your Messy Cords Disappear

Best Way to Manage Cables | thegoodstuff

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It’s a new year and time to tackle those projects you didn’t get to last year!

One of those projects around my home is hiding TV and computer cords. We got a new flat-panel television last summer and the cords are still dangling down the wall. It’s time to clean up those, as well as the cords from our computer running along the floor.

If you’re looking for tips on how to organize cables from your TV, computer, or other electronics, I’m excited to share these ten with you. Some of them are DIY and some are products you can buy — whatever route you choose, you’ll love getting those cords cleaned up for good!

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1. Use felt & Velcro

Best Way to Manage Cables | thegoodstuff

Customize your cord storage with this easy cord organizer DIY project. It takes less than five minutes to make these easy Velcro wraps that ensure your cords don’t come unwound and end up in a tangled mess again!

2. Use a shower rod

How to Organize Cables | thegoodstuff

Source: Fresh Crush

Plastic shower rods are inexpensive and easy to cut. They’re also expandable so you can hide quite a few cords inside!

3. Modify file boxes

How to Organize Cables | thegoodstuff

Source: Sweet Sanity

Cut holes in stylish file boxes and feed wires into power strips, routers, or other small electronics. Place them on your credenza or desk and no one will even know they’re there.

4. Hide them in your trim

How to Organize Cables | thegoodstuff

Source: Sawdust Girl

If you’re handy with a saw, add a crown molding shelf and trim to your wall behind the television. You’ll create channels you can remove when you decide to change cable services or cords.

5. Get a cord cover kit

How to Organize Wires | thegoodstuff

$18.99 at Amazon

These kits are inexpensive and easy to peel and stick for installation. Not only that, but you can paint them to match your wall color exactly.

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6. Use Command Hooks

How to Organize Wires | thegoodstuff

Source: Hi Sugar Plum

If you have lamp or other thinner electronic cords that are in a permanent location, use Command Hooks to trail them down a table leg or underneath a sofa. Out of sight, out of mind!

Stick it to that tangle of cables: 8 Command Clips for $3.33 at Amazon

7. Modify a dresser

How to Organize Wires | thegoodstuff

Source: PB&J Stories

Sacrifice one of your dresser drawers for printers and smaller electronics — concealing cords at the same time! You’ll add hinges so you can fold the front of the drawer down easily to access what you need.

8. Use an IR blaster

How to Organize Wires | thegoodstuff

$27.99 at Amazon

Keep your components behind closed doors (but still operate them) using an external remote sensor. It plugs into the HDMI cable on your TV and sends commands to the components.

9. Construct a mantel

DIY Cable Management Ideas | thegoodstuff

Source: Julie Blanner

This mantel is easy to construct, even for a beginning DIYer! Not only does it hide the cords, but it adds a little bit of interest to your wall.

10. Build a wall

Best Way to Manage Cables | thegoodstuff

Source: House Tweaking

If you’re feeling particularly industrious, build a wall to recess your television into. This gorgeous wall made of planks features a removable bottom board fitted with a mesh speaker. It’s impressive!

11. Purchase a wireless receiver

Best Way to Manage Cables | thegoodstuff

30-foot range receiver, $199.99 at Amazon

If you have one component, you can plug and play with this HDMI stick. It’s very easy to install and hide.

Do you have any brilliant ideas or solutions for hiding cords and other electronic accessories? Let me know in the comments!


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