How to Make More Money from Junk Around Your House

How to Make More Money from Junk Around Your House | thegoodstuff

Whether you have one box of old DVDs or an entire garage filled with junk, summer is the perfect time to get rid of unused items that are simply collecting dust. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to turn a profit on items you might consider to be worthless! After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We want to help you make a little extra money this summer, so we’ve put together a list of ten quick and easy ways to make money from items you aren’t using!

1. Sell stuff from your phone


There are dozens of new apps on the market that allow you to easily sell your items from your phone. Simply snap a picture of the item you’d like to sell, insert a price and description, and list your items on the app’s marketplace! Once your item is sold, print out the pre-paid shipping label from your email inbox and take your sales to the local post office. It couldn’t be easier!

Apps like Poshmark and Vinted specialize in women’s clothing, accessories, and beauty products; however, there are other apps such as Mercari that allow you to sell items of any category. Download a few free re-sale apps this week and see which one works best for your needs.

2. Consider consignment services


Taking your used items to a consignment store is another easy to way to make cash. The consignment model is simple: bring your items to the store and you’ll receive payment once they’re sold. The consignment store takes a commission of the sale price, but you’re only responsible for dropping off the items and picking up the payment.

If there aren’t any popular consignment stores in your area, consider using an online consignment service. ThredUP and Threadflip will send you a box free of charge, and you simply have to fill it up with the clothing you’d like to sell and send it back with the pre-paid shipping label. The websites will handle photographing, advertising, selling, and shipping your items! They take a commission from the purchase price, and they’ll send you your payment as soon as the item sells. If your items don’t sell, you have the option of having the items mailed back to you, or they can donate them to charity on your behalf. Either way, your junk is out of your way.

If you’re looking for a quicker payout, Twice offers a similar service; however, they pay a flat fee for each item upfront based on the condition, brand, and market value.

3. Have a garage sale


Sometimes an old-fashioned garage sale is the best way to get rid of the largest amount of stuff in the shortest amount of time. To get the best results from your yard sale, list the event in your local newspapers, local social media groups, and online databases. On the day of the event, create an abundance of colorful signs with clear directions, and display your items on clean tables with ample room for guests to walk around.

Keep in mind that garage sales are meant to be a way to get rid of a junk quickly and are not the right place to try to make a huge profit. Keep your prices low and give discounts for bulk purchases, and your garage will be cleared out in no time!

4. Sell your items online


Source: eBay

If you’d like to avoid paying a consignment store a commission, selling your items online is another easy way to make money. Before you list your items online, head to Worth Monkey to look up the retail price for the item you’re hoping to sell. Once you find a fair price for your listing, head to eBay to create an international listing.

If you’d prefer to sell an item within your local community, try listing your items on CraigslistOfferUp, or VarageSale. Remember to photograph each item in a clean and well-lit environment, write a clear and thorough description, and list the item at a fair price for the best results.

5. Take antique or specialty items to a local auction


If you’re hoping to sell a specialty or high-cost item, consider taking it to a local auction house. They’ll be able to help you estimate the worth of the item, and they can also provide a targeted audience to sell your item. Auctions work best for items such as artwork, specialty furniture, cars, antiques, and other big-ticket items.

6. Sell bits and bobs on Etsy


Source: Etsy

Do you have a jar full of old buttons or a box filled with unused craft supplies? Instead of throwing them away, create a craft supplies listing on Etsy, Etsy is an online community filled with creative minds, so anything from old keys to varnished mason jars can be a valuable asset for future art projects! It’s a fabulous resource to sell random bits and bobs that might be difficult to sell in a traditional store.

7. Refresh, re-purpose, re-sell


Etsy is also a great place to sell your pre-loved items that have been refreshed or re-purposed. While your scratched and stained dining room table might not be a quick seller at a yard sale, it can be a valuable item with a little bit of sanding, staining, and painting. Break out your inner creative mind, and add a fresh coat of paint or antiqued finish to your older items to instantly transform junk into art!

8. Bring your magazines to the local used bookstore


If you’re subscribed to a magazine, there’s a good chance you have dozens of old editions scattered throughout your house. Once you’ve finished reading a magazine, take it to your local used bookstore to make a quick profit. Most stores will offer anywhere from 50 cents to two dollars for recent issues of magazines in good condition!

9. Join local Facebook groups


Source: Facebook

Tap into the needs of your local community by joining Facebook groups created by the people in your town. Community members frequently create listings or requests for items, and you can avoid pesky shipping fees when selling items to a local person.

10. Trade your used books & electronics for cash


Technology is changing at a phenomenal pace, so items can quickly become outdated. Instead of hanging onto old cameras, cell phones, TVs, video game consoles, and appliances, take a few minutes to sell them online.

Websites like GazelleNextWorth, and Amazon allow you to sell your items directly to them, so you can get paid quickly and easily! If you’re hoping to get rid of used books, movies, video games, and music, try to sell your items by creating a listing on or Amazon.

11. Get paid to recycle


Even your actual trash can be worth money. In some states, it’s easy to make money from recycling your empty plastic, aluminum, and glass containers. Research your state’s recycling policies and rates for more information.

Now that you’ve learned ten ways to turn your junk into cash, maximize your earnings by using the coupon codes from! Don’t forget to check out our other articles to find out 4 easy ways to make money and the apps you’ll need to maximize your budget and save money!


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