Time-Saving Ways to Make A Gingerbread House

gingerbread house

Decorating gingerbread houses is a fun holiday family tradition. Time spent around the table decorating can be rich in conversation and memories. Looking at some of the masterpieces on Pinterest can be intimidating, but don’t let that keep you from a special time with your kids. Our DIY time-saving tips for gingerbread houses will help you spend more time bonding and less time stressing.

Throw Out the Expectation of Perfection

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This is all about family fun and time together so don’t expect your gingerbread house to be perfect. Be sure to include everyone, as toddlers to teenagers will enjoy decorating. Simplify this DIY project by exploring easier options like graham crackers or buying a pre-assembled gingerbread house. But always remember to keep it fun!

Try a Mini Graham Cracker Version

mini Graham Cracker gingerbread houseSource: Kelly Moore Bag 

Graham crackers are the perfect substitute for gingerbread. Gather icing, candies and a box of graham crackers and everyone gets to build their own mini gingerbread houses.

Keep it Simple with a Rice Krispie House

Rice Krispie Gingerbread HouseSource: Rockin Mama 

A Rice Krispy house is easy for young kids to build and decorate. Make a recipe of rice krispie treats and cut the sheet into walls and a roof.

Super Short On Time? How About a Cookie Tree!

cookie tree gingerbread houseSource: Brit.co

In a pinch, build a cookie tree with store bought cookies and decorate with tubs of colored icing. If you don’t have decorating bags, place icing in a plastic bag and snip one of the edges.

Buy a Pre-Assembled Gingerbread House

Pre-Assembled Gingerbread HouseSource: World Market 

Pull this gingerbread house out of the box, clip open the bags of candy and make the icing. In less than 30 minutes your family can be hard at work decorating.

Decorate With Pretzels

Decorate With PretzelsSource: Worth Pinning

Finally, customize the house by thinking beyond the box. Add pretzels to the roof or window sills. Use seeds on the roof or ground. Finish you house with Coconut for a snowy lawn.

You have picked your house, now it’s time to party. Here are a few tips to maximize your gingerbread house decorating time together:

  • Schedule a time for everyone to get together and decorate
  • Cover the table with a plastic tablecloth for easy clean up.
  • Set the table with bowls of the decorations ahead of time. Set up the bags of icing and make extra ahead of time. This way you can sit down, enjoy time with the family and be in the moment.
  • Play holiday music to set the mood.
  • Capture the fun with lots of photos!
  • Have everyone share the one thing they are looking forward to most this holiday season