How to Make a Snowman Out of Things Other Than Snow

how to make a snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Making a snowman is a quintessential wintertime activity, but Mother Nature doesn’t always deliver the necessary materials. And even when she does, you may not feel like braving the bitter cold. Read our curated list on how to make a snowman out of everything except snow to get you into the wintry spirit no matter what the weather has in store.

1. Cookie Mix Snowman (exclusive to The Good Stuff!)

Cookie Mix Snowman-tgs


Give the gift of wintry decor and fresh baked cookies combined in a jolly snowman jar. Simply fill a glass jar with your favorite mix and decorate it using hot glue and felt cut-outs for the face, a fabric scrap scarf, and real buttons. If you like, cover the jar lid with flannel fabric. Not into baking? White hot cocoa mix works, too.

2. Pillar Candle Snowman (exclusive to The Good Stuff!)

Pillar Candle Snowman-tgs


This is a super speedy way to turn plane white pillar candles into festive snowmen. Draw on black eyes, buttons, and an orange carrot nose using Sharpies. These would be fun holiday party decor- just remember that like the real thing, they’ll melt away throughout the evening.

3. Sock Snowmen

Sock SnowmenSource: The Purple Pug

Put your pairless socks to good use by turning them into these snow “dudes.” Simply stuff socks with fiberfill, adding a layer of the beans at the bottom so they’ll stand on their own, then tie with yarn to create a neck. Decorate their faces with pompoms, buttons, and whatever other embellishments you like.

4. Melting Foam Snowman

Melting Foam SnowmanSource: Fun At Home With Kids

Kids will love making this magical snowman, then watching him melt. Follow the simple recipe to turn four ingredients (baking soda, dish soap, salt, and vinegar) into foamy faux snow. You could even add real twig arms and a baby carrot nose.

5. Milk Bottle Snowmen

Milk Bottle SnowmenSource: Live Laugh Rowe

So simple and festive, make these sippable snowmen by gluing buttons to glass milk bottles and tying little knit (or felt) scarves around the rim. Perfect for pairing with Santa’s cookies!

6. Tin Can Snowman

Tin Can SnowmanSource: Practically Functional

Plane old tin cans can be turned into a cheery snowman with a coat of white paint, button facial features, and floral wire arms. A black felt hat is the perfect topper.

7. Cut and Fold Paper Snowman

Cut and Fold Paper SnowmanSource: Willow Day

A printable PDF makes this origami-style snowman an easy project, so you can make a few as mantle or table decor. To keep materials consistent, use scraps of construction paper for the face and buttons.

8. Cinnamon Roll Snowman

Cinnamon Roll SnowmanSource: SheKnows

Waking up to this snowman is the perfect way to kick off a winter morning. Stack large, medium, and small cinnamon buns to make the body, then cover with cream cheese frosting and create a candy face. Just like the real thing, he won’t last for long!

9. Cereal Box Snowman

Cereal Box SnowmanSource: Kix Cereal

While the real snow blows outside, you can make this upcycled snowman from things found around the house. The body is a painted cereal box and from there, use your imagination. This guy has straw arms, wood bead eyes, a carrot nose, a cereal mouth, and chair glider buttons.

10. Sparkly Playdough Snowman

Sparkly Playdough SnowmanSource: The Connection We Share

This snowman is a perfect afternoon crafting activity with kids. Follow a simple recipe to make playdough, adding glitter if you like for a shimmering snowy effect, then mold it into a snowman shape. Create a face using googly eyes and cloves, and tie on a thin ribbon scarf.

11. Twine Snowmen

Twine SnowmenSource: Better Homes & Gardens

Stacked balls of twine are hot glued together to create these snowmen’s bodies. Tack eyes and foam ball buttons add some shine to the rustic look. Have fun making twine-covered wire accessories like these happy pipes.

12. Button Gift Tag Snowman

Button Gift Tag SnowmanSource: One Dog Woof

Personalize a nondescript gift tag by decorating it with this cute-as-a-button snowman. Patterned scrapbook paper makes for an adorable hat and adds a pop of color.

13. Bottle Cap Snowmen

Bottle Cap SnowmenSource: One Artsy Mama

The materials for making these sweet snowmen are practically free, including bottle caps, paint, ribbon or yarn, and buttons. They’re perfect for use as tree ornaments, or to hang from the window.

14. Wooden Post Snowmen

Wooden Post SnowmenSource: Claudia Manzanera Padilla via Pinterest

These wood snowmen are festive and welcoming doorstep decor. All you need is landscape timber, paint, and old socks (or other fabric scraps) for the hats and scarves.

15. Sweater Snowman

Sweater SnowmanSource: Simple Serendipities

This almost-no-sew project is yet another way to upcycle that old sweater. Button eyes, a felt nose, and a pompom hat complete the snowman look, and you could use an old t-shirt or other scrap fabric for the scarf.

16. Flower Pot Snowman

Flower Pot SnowmanSource: Home Depot

Turn last summer’s flower pots into this winter’s decor. Just give them a coat of white paint, drawer knob buttons, and a handsome bowtie.

17. Snowman Soap

Snowman SoapSource: Keeping It Simple

You can never be too festive or even too germ-free, especially during flu season. Turn practical white hand soap into a cheerful snowman using black and orange vinyl cut-outs. You can even give these as gifts, using the free printable gift tags: “We Wash You a Merry Christmas.”

18. Stone Snowman

Stone SnowmanSource: Factory Direct Craft

This is the perfect snowman substitute for Southerners, or anyone else without the fluffy stuff this year. For a melt-proof figurine who can live on your doorstep year round, stack up some stones (glue them together for a sturdier snowman), and paint on a face.

19. Candy Bar Snowmen

Candy Bar SnowmenSource: Make It Love It

Sweet and snowy, these chocolate bars make great gifts. Just wrap bars with white paper, add button and felt facial features (or draw them on with markers), and make hats and scarves out of fabric scraps.

20. Plastic Cup Snowman

How to make a snowman out of plastic cupsSource: So Creative Things

Want a sizable snowman to use as living room decor? Make a snowman using spheres of plastic cups. then decorate with paper facial features and accessories. You can also put an electric lamp inside to help light your way through the shorter days.

21. Snowman Lamp

Snowman LampSource: Daisy Maebelle

Make your snowman a glowman. Buttons, felt, and a little knit scarf decorated with pompoms transform a plain white lamp into a jolly snowman character. Great for lighting up a kids room this winter.

22. Light-bulb Snowmen

Light-bulb SnowmenSource: Sweet Paul Magazine via Home Bunch

A coat of paint and a miniature felt scarf turn light bulbs into little round snowmen. Use them as ornaments, hang them from a window, or place a few in a bowl to use as table decor.

23. Pom Pom Snowman

Pom Pom SnowmanSource: Better Homes and Gardens

Fluffy pompoms have a snow-like texture, but they’ll last a lot longer. Make a snowman body out of white yarn pom poms and add facial features made out of glass beads, wool felt, or any other materials you like.

24. Clothespin Snowmen

Clothespin SnowmenSource: Ben Franklin Crafts

Permanent markers, paint, and baker’s twine can turn clothespins into clippy little snowmen. They’re great gift bag clips or you can add magnets to the back and use them to hang holiday cards on the fridge.

25. Gift Wrap Snowman

Gift Wrap SnowmanSource: Target via Pinterest

Wrap large gifts in white paper and stack them up into a snowman. Make his face and top hat out of paper, and don’t forget a scarf- or sunglasses!

‘Tis the season for snowmen, but there’s no rule that they have to be made out of snow. Instead, turn to everyday materials you may already have lying around the house. All of these projects are easy to personalize with differently colored scarves or unique facial features. And most of these fauxmen will last until next year!


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I wouldn’t put a light in the paper cup snow man because it might catch fire

Hi Teresa, thanks for reading! We love battery powered tea lights for projects like this. They look just like candles, but there’s no flame to worry about!

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