How to Make a Teacup Fairy Garden — Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

One of my mom’s most treasured possessions is a teacup collection that was my great grandmother’s. It’s been handed down through a few generations, and when I was little I used to admire the different cups with their gorgeous designs and colors.

I knew that for a Mother’s Day gift this year, I wanted to do something with a teacup theme for Mom. I came up with this Mother’s Day teacup fairy garden idea and it’s so easy to put together!

Not only that, I’ve provided a free printable page so you can stick a sweet little message or image in your teacup fairy garden. You can download it below. Ready to get started? Here’s how to make a fairy garden — in a teacup!

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How to Make a Teacup Fairy Garden

How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Teacup | thegoodstuff


  • 1 large, wide teacup
  • At least 20 ounces colored sand or small crystals
  • Fairy garden embellishments (fairies, a fairy door, lilypads, logs, mushrooms, and more!)
  • 1-2 decorative paper straws
  • Free printable flag or banner (get it here!)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Bubble wrap or scrap paper
  • Optional: Piece of tape

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Assembling your teacup fairy garden is easy, and you can probably figure it out for yourself, but I want to give you some of my tips! There are a few strategies I use.

Step 1. Tape up any holes.

If you use a teacup, you shouldn’t need to do this, but if you decide to use a different type of base for your fairy garden, make sure you tape up any holes in the bottom. You can use any sort of tape, it won’t be seen.

Step 2. Place filler in the cup.

I used scrap paper for this garden, but you can use bubble wrap as well. Simply wad it up and place it in the teacup.

Why do I do this? Because it would take quite a lot of crystals to fill my cup! So, to save money, I used a filler. Then I only had to purchase one container of mini crystals!

Step 3: Add your crystals.

How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Teacup | thegoodstuff

Pour the crystals over the top of your filler and smooth them out. You can adjust the filler a bit as needed, you just want to make sure the top is smooth.

Step 4. Add your fairies.

Insert your favorite fairy items into your teacup garden. My biggest tip for this part? Choose items of varying height to add interest! You’ll see I incorporated a fairy door, fairies of different heights, and even some flat items like lily pads and stumps to give it some variety.

Fairy gardens are easy in that you can move items as you need to. There’s no need to glue anything down.

Step 5. Add your Mother’s Day banner.

How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Teacup | thegoodstuff

Choose one of the flags or banners in my free printable, cut it out, and attach it to decorative straws with glue. The flags only need one straw; the banners will require one on each side.

Your fairy garden is complete! My mom will love displaying this on her craft room table or in her kitchen as a constant reminder of how much I love her.

How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Teacup | thegoodstuff