How to Make a Disney’s Frozen Princess Wand

How To Make a Disneys Frozen Princess

We can guarantee there are going to be a lot of Elsa costumes this Halloween, as we know we’re not the only ones still singing along to ‘Let it Go’ in the car. So why not top off your child’s Elsa costume with a beautiful ice princess wand? The Disney’s Frozen princess wand is simple to make and has the faint sounds of sleigh bells when waved.

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden dowel (3/16 in x 11 7/8 in)

  • Blue bells (I used 0.39in)

  • Rhinestone stickers

  • 1/8 in ribbon (I used white and 2 shades of blue)

  • Silver wired-edge ribbon (I used 3/8in)

  • Multi-surface or acrylic glitter paint, light blue (I used Martha Stewart Turquoise)

  • White multisurface or acryllic paint

  • Wooden snowflake ornament (I got this one from Michaels)

  • Paintbrush

  • Sharp scissors

  • Glue gun

Step 1 – Decorate the Handle:

Decorate the HandleSource:

First you need to decorate the dowel to create the handle of your wand. The wired-edge ribbon makes this easier as the lightweight wire in the edges of the ribbon grip to the dowel as you wrap them round. Fold over the end of the ribbon just a small amount to stop any fraying. Then secure to the end of your dowel with a little hot glue. Work your way along the dowel, wrapping the ribbon around, moving up a little at a time to ensure all the wood is covered. When you reach the end cut the ribbon and then repeat the small fold over at the end before securing with hot glue.

Step  2 – Paint the Snowflake:

Paint the SnowflakeSource:

Next, take the white paint and paint both sides of the wooden snowflake. Allow the white paint to dry before adding a top coat of the glitter paint. Lay it flat to  get an even cover. Paint the snowflake in the blue hues to match the Elsa costume.

Step 3 – Add the Bells and Ribbons:

Add the Bells and RibbonsSource:

Once the paint has dried, you can add the ribbons and bells to your wand. If you are using an ornament for your snowflake, then you will have a little hole where the string is tied. Remove this string and then use this hole to tie some ribbons.

Measuring your wand against the handle you can decide how long you would like your ribbons to be, although it’s good to have varying lengths. I chose a selection of the white, light blue, and darker blue ribbon and cut them to different lengths and then threaded them through the hole together, securing with a knot. You can then repeat this process at the top of the handle and secure by tying the ribbon around the handle. A little hot glue can be used to make sure they don’t move.

If you don’t have a hole in your snowflake, you can just add more at the top of the handle. Once you have all your ribbons tied, then you can add your bells. It is nice to have these at different heights so you can tie them at the bottoms of some ribbons and thread them half way up others. Tip: Use a needle from a sewing or crochet kit for the threading (pushing through with the blunt end) as these can be tricky. Once they are threaded then you can cut off any excess ribbon to tidy them up.

Step 4 – Attach the Handle:

Attach the HandleSource:

Line up the decorated dowel to the snowflake branch that has the hole with the ribbons. Align the top of the dowel just below the center of the snowflake (or higher if you want a shorter handle). Ensure the knot of the ribbon is facing away from the snowflake and that none of the ribbons are trapped. They all need to hang loose once the handle is stuck on. Take the hot glue gun and glue all the way along the branch of the snowflake to where the handle will reach. Hold in place until the glue dries.

Step 5 – Decorate the Snowflake:

decorate the snowflakeSource:

Embellish your snowflake how you see fit. I used rhinestone stickers from Michaels. Add a large sticker in the center and surrounded it with five smaller stickers like a flower. Then add three small stickers onto each of the branches. Use the blunt end of the needle to help position the stickers if necessary. And there you have it: one beautiful, sparkling ice princess wand that’s perfect for any lover of Elsa or Disney’s Frozen in general.

Disney Frozen Princess Wand

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