Sleep Tight: How to Make a Bed Like a Pro

Sleep Tight: How to Make a Bed Like a Pro | thegoodstuff

For some crazy reason, making the bed always seems like this massive, monotonous chore. Duvet covers? A total mess. Sheets? Always crinkly, and they tend to come apart while sleeping. Pillows? Can’t even get started.

In actuality, though, this chore isn’t as taxing as it seems. In fact, you can have a catalogue-worthy bed set up with just a few simple steps. Once you have the right routine down and the perfect go-to items, you’re golden. Here’s how to make a bed like a pro — just in time for National Make Your Bed Day on September 11.

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Make sure you’ve got a perfect bed base.


If you don’t lay the right foundation, the sheets will slide and move over time. Choose a mattress pad that has just the right amount of cushion for your body’s needs. Also, make sure you buy sheets that fit your bed perfectly — especially the fitted sheet — or your mattress pad may shift as you sleep.

Keep sheets as tidy as possible.


Like those crisp, clean sheets at a five-star hotel? You can get them, too. Try ironing your sheets before putting them on your bed. This might seem like a pain, but having a cool, crisp bed to fall into every night will make all the difference. You spend at least one-third of your life under those covers, so make them worth coming home to.

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Utilize “hospital corners.”


Yes! It’s the bed-making standard: hospital corners. Make your own updated version of this tried and true method by tucking the top sheet under at the base of the bed, and then pulling the extra fabric to the side. With your finger, draw a 45-degree angle from the top corner of the bed downward, allowing the flap of the extra fabric to fall over top ­— which you can then tuck in.

Need the visual? Check out One Kings Lane’s bedding expert Steven Whitehead do the perfect updated hospital corner.

Lay that top sheet down correctly.


Finished side facing up, or finished side facing down toward the fitted sheet? It should always face down to enfold you. This side usually has a nicer, smoother (and prettier) texture, allowing for the best look and feel — especially if you choose to fold back that top sheet like you see at hotels and in magazines.

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Stuff your duvet cover like a pro.


Not a fan of those messy duvet covers, even though they look pretty in pictures? Here’s a hack for stuffing: Turn the duvet cover inside out, hanging onto the corners while also grabbing the inside corners of the comforter. Then, flip and shake! Watch this Crane & Canopy video to learn how.

Fluff your pillows perfectly.


Didn’t realize there’s a right way to fluff your pillows? There totally is. Whether you’ve ordered a new pillow online and it’s come to you compressed, or your long-time pillow needs some TLC, you have to rework air back into the pillow.

Work your way around the pillow, grabbing two opposite sides and pulling the fabric in and out like you might an accordion. Do this until the pillow is full and plush. Need a visual? Check out this video by

Add fun decorative pillows and various textures of blankets.


There’s no right or wrong way to dress up your bed, but choose pillows and blankets to suit your taste. You can stack them one on top of the other, laying the decorative pillow in front for a full, streamlined look, or you can set them all upright for a cushier feel.

You want visual appeal to your bed, so play with color, texture, and pattern if you wish. Need some ideas? Find some great inspiration for a cozy bed space here.

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