How to Host a Kids’ Holiday Craft Party

How to Host a Kids’ Holiday Craft Party | thegoodstuff

Homemade gifts are treasured by family members at the holidays. Bring a smile to their faces when they rip off the wrapping to see a special gift made just for them.

If the thought of coming up with multiple presents can seem like too much during a busy holiday season, I have you covered. Multiply your efforts by joining together with a few of your friends and their little ones for a kids’ holiday craft party. The kids will have a great time crafting and you’ll leave with arms piled high with cherished presents for your family.

We’ve got even more great gift ideas, with 6 “aww”-inspiring gifts for grandparents and 16 DIY ways to show appreciation for your child’s teachers!

Step 1: Select the gifts

How to Host a Kids’ Holiday Craft Party | thegoodstuff

Think about the age and skill level of your guests. Choose simple gifts for the younger kids and more detailed gifts for the older kids. They should all be able to be completed by the time your party ends.

Check online for items you can buy in bulk, and use coupons where possible to lower the cost. You can also shop among your friends for paint brushes and other craft supplies you might need. Determine the cost per child and let the moms know.

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Step 2: Assign crafts

Have each mom be responsible for the supplies, organization, and prep for one craft, unless someone wants to organize the whole party. It may be easier to have one mom in charge of one craft, however, and that’s a great way to let everyone feel included.

Once you’ve assigned craft supply shopping lists, have each mom select how many of each craft their children will make. Think about how long it takes and the attention spans of your children. A good starting point is to have the older kids make two of each and the younger ones only one of each craft to bring home.

I’ve put together some of my favorite kid-friendly homemade holiday crafts here:

Craft idea #1: Personalized Cutting Boards

How to Host a Kids’ Holiday Craft Party | thegoodstuff

This is a great gift for the foodies in your family. Since this craft uses a wood burning tool, it’s best suited for the older kids. An adult should supervise them as they personalize a wooden cutting board for a member of their family with names, artwork, or even special quotes.


  • Wood cutting board
  • Wood etching tool

Find wood burning tools for a low price at Amazon!

Craft idea #2: Painted Wood Trays

How to Host a Kids’ Holiday Craft Party | thegoodstuff

Kids can paint the trays and line them with fabric that can be held in place with spray adhesive. They can even paint theirs with chalkboard paint and draw fun pictures, names, and greetings on the tray.


  • Wood tray
  • Paint
  • Fabric (optional)
  • Mod Podge
  • Spray adhesive (optional)

Craft idea #3: Paint-Dipped Wooden Spoons

This craft is an easy way to customize an essential set of kitchen utensils. Provide a rainbow of colors for the kids to choose from, then let them dip the handles in each color for a vibrant, homemade gift.

Craft idea #4: Homemade Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is a fun gift idea, and this peppermint version is perfect for winter. You could even let the kids decorate the containers with ribbon, paint, or washi tape.

Craft idea #5: Homemade Hot Chocolate

Everyone loves to warm up with a mug of delicious hot chocolate. This gift makes the perfect stocking stuffer, and kids will love placing each ingredient in its own container.

Craft idea #6: Photo Luminaries

This customized gift looks difficult to make, but all it takes is some vellum paper, a printer, family photos, glass jars or vases, and tape. Let the children help pick out their favorite family memories, then trim them to size once they’ve printed.

Step 3: Pre-party prep

  • Purchase all the items needed for each craft.
  • Invite each child to bring an apron to wear to protect their clothes.
  • Each mom can brainstorm with their kids how they want to make each craft special.
  • Download templates that will make it easy to trace.

Step 4: Set up craft stations

How to Host a Kids’ Holiday Craft Party | thegoodstuff

Set up a craft station for each craft so the kids can rotate around and make each craft. The mom who is responsible for the craft will man that station, guiding the kids though the craft.

  • Cover tables with plastic tablecloths for easy clean up.
  • Set out jars of water for paint brushes
  • Have a container of wipes at each station.
  • Don’t forget a stack of paper towels

Step 5: Make a wrapping station

How to Host a Kids’ Holiday Craft Party | thegoodstuff

Have everyone go home all wrapped up with a gift wrapping station. If you’re looking for fun ways to make you gift wrap unique, check out our gift wrapping ideas.

Gift wrapping supplies:

  • Pens and markers
  • Double-sided or regular clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift bags and tissue paper
  • Gift tags

Step 6: Set up a snack table

How to Host a Kids’ Holiday Craft Party | thegoodstuff

Set up a cute, holiday-themed table for the kids to celebrate their craft day with chocolate milk and snacks.

Need some ideas for kid-friendly snacks? Check out our recipes for these 10 allergy-free snacks, 12 healthy snacks made just for kids, and these adorably delicious homemade fruit snacks!


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