How To Get Organized: 5 Things To Do Every Day

How To Get Organized: 5 Things To Do Every Day | the good stuff

Ever wonder how those always-organized, forever-on-top-of-things people do it? From shiny kitchen sinks to a busy schedule that never seems to get them down, there’s something truly admirable about the people who seem to have their lives organized.

If you feel trapped under piles of clutter or are just feeling anxious and overwhelmed, it might be time for an organization intervention. Having your life feel disorganized doesn’t just affect the corners of your life. It can change your effectiveness, stress levels — and even your ability to think straight!

If you think you’re not cut out for organization, you might be surprised. Though organization may come more naturally to some personality types, it’s really just a skill than anyone can learn with a little practice…and a lot of great tips.

Just like any skill, having insights from others helps you see what’s working for them and makes it easier to add effective change into your own routine.

So, what do the truly organized do differently from everyone else? Most will tell you there really isn’t one “big” answer. Instead, it’s the little things. Tiny daily habits that help you stay on top of life because they’re done over and over again. Here are five of them — five simple things organized people do every day. A peek at these successful practices may just help you hone in on how to get organized in no time at all!

If you find your daily battle to stay on top of things begins right when your alarm goes off, you’ll appreciate these tips for how to wake up when that ring-ring-ring begins. Need more organizing inspiration? Check out these 5 insanely easy ways to get organized, plus 14 ways to conquer kitchen counter clutter!

They plan each day the night before


Organized people are prepared. They like to be ready for anything. They know how much time they have to do a task and set aside enough time to do it.

Looking ahead and planning accordingly is a key element for organization. Glance at your kids after-school sporting schedule the night before — that way you can set the slow cooker on the counter for tomorrow if you’ll be busy until dinner, and you’ll know if it’s your turn to carpool. No more tossing and turning in bed if you already know what tomorrow brings!

They keep a master list


That doesn’t mean leaving scattered notes all over the house! Organized people have one to-do list. Date your list, keep it in one spot, and make a habit of checking it several times a day.

A lot of mental energy is wasted on keeping track of what you need to do and remember. If your sleep is affected by last minute to-dos, keep a second list by your bed and transfer that to your master list in the morning. Techies can benefit from smartphone apps that work like paper lists, only you check off tasks with a finger swipe.

They spend time at the end of each day tidying up


This is not a cleaning marathon, just a quick 10-minute period making sure lunchboxes are emptied, mail has been sorted, and coats and backpacks are hung up in the entryway.

Some people keep a pretty basket at the bottom of the stairs for odds and ends that need to be brought up before bed, and others never leave a room empty-handed. Evening tidying may look different for everyone, but the common theme is that after a day’s worth of kids and parents piling stuff up here and there, new clutter will form that can be quickly tackled before it gets out of hand. Guess what? This may change your whole attitude about tomorrow!

They do it now


If it takes less than 5 minutes, an organized person gets it done! They complete short tasks right away, like putting mail in the recycling bin and hanging up their coat.

If you’re constantly putting off quick tasks for later, they’ll pile up and become insurmountable. Try it. You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something, and it also clears some mental space that you can use for reading that new bestseller.

They establish a morning and nighttime routine


Organized people have morning and evening rituals, and for good reason. Keeping a consistent schedule in the a.m. and p.m. sets the tone for everything in between.

Also, doing the same thing over and over cements it into a habit, and you may find that this carries over into other areas of your life. Lose your keys often? Start putting them in the same place and your life will get that much easier.

How do you stay organized? We’d love to hear what tips and tricks help you stay on top of life. Leave a comment below and share!