How to Fight 5 Common Holiday Stains


December is all about celebrating. We put our best tablecloths on the table and get all decked out in our fancy holiday outfits. But sometimes in our efforts to eat, drink and be merry, our linens and outfits suffer a stain or two. No need to stop the party! Here are remedies for some of the holiday’s most mischievous stains.Red Wine: Red wine spills are perhaps the greatest stain offender. But all is not lost. Act fact and your clothes may still stand a chance.

1. Red Wine: Red wine spills are perhaps the greatest stain offender. But all is not lost. Act fact and your clothes may still stand a chance.

  • Cleaning Solution: If you’re out on the town, blot the stain with sparkling water. The bubbles give your pre-treatment a little extra boost. Stain removal pens are also a handy, purse-sized remedy. Just rub the stain gently with the tip of a pen like Tide to Go. When you get home machine wash as usual.
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2. Lipstick: Even conservative beauty queens can pull off red lipstick around the holidays. The only downside—when you’re dabbing crumbs off your lip, you’re also dapping a stain onto your napkin.

  • Cleaning Solution: Rinse the stained fabric in cold water. Then soak the offender for 30 minutes in a plastic container with about half a load’s worth of detergent for every gallon of cold water. Then toss it in the machine with warm water and a regular dose of detergent.

3.Chocolate: Cookies, fudge, truffles, cake. Chocolate takes on many forms this month, so it will inevitably end up on your clothes or linens.

  • Cleaning Solution: The good news is, chocolate stains will typically come out; they just need a little extra power. Try a stain fighter like Tide Boost, which is designed to fight tough stains, including chocolate. Just add it to the wash along with your regular detergent
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4. Sap: While bringing a giant tree into your house is a fun and festive tradition, it can leave a sappy mess.

  • Cleaning Solution: Make a paste with powdered detergent and water. Rub it into the stain and let it soak in for 30 minutes before washing in the machine. Do not put affected items into the dryer until 100% of the sap has been removed. The heat can melt it down and spread it to other garments.

5. Candle Wax: It doesn’t get more beautiful than a twinkling candlelit centerpiece. But what’s not so beautiful is the waxy aftermath left on your tablecloth.

  • Cleaning Solution: Scrape off as much wax as possible with a dull knife or credit card. Sandwich the stain with clean paper towels and iron on a low heat setting. The paper towels should absorb the rest of the wax. Rub liquid detergent into any remaining oily residue and wash in warm water.
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Bonus Tip: After a season of stain fighting, your washing machine may need a little TLC. After all, you can’t expect your clothes to get clean if your machine isn’t. Give your washer a monthly scrub down to eliminate any odor-causing residues. Tide’s Washing Machine Cleaner will do the work for you.

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