Tips to Dress Your Man to the Nines This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is finally here. You’ve put together your heart-shaped menu; your sweet and spicy party theme is ready to go; the gifts are all set; the kids are well dressed; your makeup is flawless; you’re looking cute; and now there’s just one thing left: your beau. Whether he’s into fashion or is fashionably challenged, it can be easier than you think to get your significant other ready for date night. Get the man in your life to look as stylish as ever with these helpful tips that will complement your look.

Outfit #1: If You’re Wearing a Lace Sheath or Bodycon Dress

outfit1Source: jacket plaid dress shirt | floral lapel

Dress your man and take his style up a notch with a nice jacket and a pop of color with a floral lapel. This put-together look will really complement your sleek attire. A dark jacket and light dress shirt combination is a basic addition, but you can get bolder with a red shirt that matches the lapel. The dark gray jacket and black pants will balance the look. You can find these pieces at Nordstrom.

Outfit #2: If You’re Wearing a Dressy Blouse and Tailored Pants 

outfit2Source: canvas jacket striped shirt gray trousers

If you’re going for a casual but chic look with a dressy blouse and dark wash skinny jeans or black pants, then the man in your life can easily complement your look with light gray trousers, stripes and a canvas jacket. This look isn’t as formal as the first outfit, as it adds in casual aspects with lighter tones and the canvas jacket. It’s an easy style to put together tonight.

Outfit #3: If You’re Wearing a Fit and Flare Dress 

outfit3Source: textured blazer light pink shirt boot cut jeans floral lapel

A lot of people tend to go all out and really dress up on this day, but it’s totally OK to opt for a look that’s more comfortable. Your significant other can wear jeans and then dress it up a bit with a more casual jacket. A lightweight shirt jacket or blazer will refine the look without making it too formal. The denim and blazer together will still match your fit and flare dress look as well.

Whatever you and your beau end up wearing tonight, just remember to have a great time and share the love. But let us know in the comments below what you plan to wear!