How to Create Agnes’ Costume and Despicable Me 2 Birthday Party

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My step-daughter is a funny gal. She’s very particular about what she wants and is perfectly fine with not having anything instead. For her 7th birthday, she wanted a Unicorn Princess Party. Not unicorn, not princess, but Unicorn Princess. Specifically, she wanted to have Agnes’ birthday party as shown in Despicable Me 2. Since I don’t have a super-villain-turned-hero sized budget like Gru, we settled on creating a great Agnes costume.

A caveat here is unlike the creative and fabulous Cheri Liefield, I’m not the crafty type. This will also be the first time I’ve ever thrown a kid’s birthday party. Thanks to Pinterest, Google, Youtube, and many hours of research online, I was able to construct a pretty close replica of the costume and a realistic version of Agnes’ party (sans Gru and minions).

The best part of Agnes’ birthday is that she comes bounding in on her “It’s So Fluffy” unicorn. So, here’s how we constructed the costume:

Agnes’ Outfit

Agnes birthday party

Party Decorations

Agnes Unicorn Princess party

It’s easy to go overboard with decorations. I ended up buying everything online from Discount Party Supplies and found their prices to be the best. Right now, you can get same day shipping and free shipping on orders over $59. Also, sign up for their newsletter and get a $7 coupon.

  • Unicorn & Knights plates — to keep with the overall princess theme
  • Unicorn and Knights rubber duckies — stick to the unicorn idea with these fun play accessories that minions will love. You can also put them in the goody bags as party favors.
  • Decorative shields — a princess-themed party isn’t complete with a knight and shields
  • Princess hats for guests — top off the look with these finishing touches for the partygoers
  • Yellow tablecloth — for a festive look
  • Unicorn Pinata — we found an awesome piñata locally. However, my backup was to get one from Birthday Express. Don’t forget a piñata stick and twine. In hindsight, it would have been funny to get a pink fairy piñata, but only if it looked like Gru.
  • Cupcake toppers — you can find items on Etsy to customize your toppers with images from the movie.
  • Cotton candy — this was a stand out item from the movie. You can either rent the machine or buy it online to be more cost effective.

Goody Bags

Despicable Me party

  • Unicorn tote bags — befitting of the theme and too cute to pass up.
  • Knights tote bags — options for the bogs showcasing a symbol of knighthood
  • Bubbles – I found “touchable” bubbles made from corn syrup. But you can use these Despicable Me bubbles that are shaped like wands.
  • Assorted candies – my step-daughter specifically wanted ring pops and charm bubblegum, but get whatever candy your child likes or that goes with the theme.


  • cheri

    Aww, thanks for the shout out! The costume looks adorable. What a fun party this will be!