How Obamacare Gave a Single Mom Insurance

How Obamacare Gave a Single Mom Insurance | thegoodstuff

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How Obamacare Gave a Single Mom Insurance

When my ex-husband and I signed the divorce papers on the dotted line, I was getting my freedom from a lost relationship, my kids and my house. But I was also losing something I needed for long term care. As a mom who works from home and has a strictly budgeted income, getting healthcare on my own was going to be hard.

My girls were covered under my ex-husband but as the ink dried and I lost my health insurance, I was not allowed to get sick or need routine care. I will admit, when Obamacare was passed about a year after my divorce, I was a very happy lady. It was easier than anticipated and the details on how Obamacare gave a single mom insurance are surprisingly simple.


As a single mom who works from home as a writer and blogger I am blessed to make enough to take care of my girls as a single mom. But I am careful about where my money goes. A sudden illness or accident for me that could cost thousands of dollars could put me and my family at risk of losing it all. Because of that, health insurance is a necessary expense. However, when I called around before Obamacare, I was looking at paying in upwards of $500 a month just to cover me in case something happened. Add to that co-pays and out-of-pocket and even the basic plan was out of reach.

When Obamacare was passed, I saw an opportunity. I hired a third party to help me through it and happily paid them the $50 fee to advise me. When we got to the end, healthcare and dental care with a reputable company was going to cost me $300 a month. It was less, but still a reach for me.

The professionals I hired then explained that I could use my Obamacare tax credit now to mitigate the monthly expenses for the healthcare. They explained that the tax credit could either be gotten a year later when I filed my return or now to save per month on health care. I chose to save monthly and when they inputted it, my healthcare costs for medical and dental went to $65 a month.


I can arrange for $65 a month for full benefits as a single mom. So I signed up on and let the cloak of relief fall over me. Every month I pay my premiums and every month I am glad to have it. I have been to the doctor a few times and have reaped the benefits of having healthcare.

The help I got from the professional is the same help I could have gotten from the government healthcare website and helpline. When filling out your application, choose to use your tax credit as you go instead of waiting another year to get it back. That will help you mitigate your costs and make it more affordable for you and your family.

As a single mom, maintaining my health is very important to me. I have to be here for my kids. To do that, I have to take care of myself, too. So if you are struggling to find healthcare, do what I did and use Obamacare to get it. It will make things a lot easier on the whole family!