8 Statement Pieces that Will Make Your Home Shine


Statement Pieces to Make Your Home Shine | Horchow Sale


While leafing through pages of breathtaking spaces in home décor magazines, there comes a moment where we flip to a page that just screams “perfect.” Though purchasing the entire living room set and accessories in the catalogue may not be practical due to size or cost; style can still be attained by investing in a few statement pieces.

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A statement piece is timeless décor that can elevate a room and achieve that inspirational “wow” factor. Here are eight statement pieces that will elevate your home from average to extraordinary:

For the Dining Room

1. A Magnificent Chandelier


Maria Theresa 25-Light Chandelier, $8,750

A chandelier is a guaranteed stunner. This magnificent halo of light adds elegance to any space. The timeless piece can bring décor together no matter how often you re-decorate.

For the Living Room

2. The Fancy Bar Cart


Hamilton Bar Cart, $699

When hosting company, it can be inconvenient to float between the kitchen and living room to serve drinks to your guests. This deco-inspired forged iron bar cart is a beautiful way to display your beverages and crystalware while providing the convenience and flexibility to move with the party. Bar carts are the perfect statement piece that adds sophistication to your home.

3. An Exquisite Rug


Sweet Blues Rug, 10′ x 14′, $9,599

If you feel like something is missing from your design scheme, consider a new rug. A hand-knotted rug with a rich, textural pattern provides depth to a space and will act as a backdrop bringing all of your décor together. The classic design of the Sweet Blues Rug provides a calm and relaxing feeling to a space.

For the Home Office

4. A Comfortable Chair


Old Hickory Tannery, $2,999

Make your home office a retreat where you won’t mind getting work done. A pop of color with this blue upholstered chair gives style to your workspace and functions as a comfortable seat. Having a good desk chair is imperative to productivity so if there is one investment to be made in your home office, it should definitely be your chair!

For the Bedroom

5. A Floor Length Mirror


The Antiqued-Silver Beaded Floor Mirror, $699

Any interior designer knows that mirrors are essential to creating the impression of depth and to make a space look bigger. Investing in a framed floor-to-ceiling mirror is not only functional for getting ready in the morning but also makes a space look twice as big!

6. A Head Board


Hughes Tufted King Headboard, $2,799

Your bed should be the most important investment in your home. The perfect headboard will instantly transform your bedroom more than any nightstand or dresser. Tufted headboards add elegance to upgrade your bed to the perfect nighttime sanctuary.

For Outside

7. A Magical Fountain


Twisted Copper Fountain, $2,500

Adding a fountain can instantly transform the look of any outdoor space from lifeless and bland to elegant and bold.  The sound of running water and birds chirping will make it very relaxing for your guests to enjoy your outdoor oasis. This twisted copper fountain will instantly breathe life to any backyard!

8. Relaxing Seating


Tamsin Chinois Outdoor Daybed, $6,900

There is nothing more relaxing than being on vacation with your feet up just lounging in a cabana by a luxury pool.  Adding a canopy to your backyard can bring back all of these wonderful memories of vacationing in a cabana on an exotic Caribbean island with no stress, no work and an endless supply of margaritas.


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