5 Honey-Do List Ideas for Father’s Day — That He’ll Actually Enjoy!

5 Honey-Do List Ideas for Father’s Day — That He'll Actually Enjoy! | thegoodstuff

If you’re married or live with your significant other, you’re no doubt familiar with the term “honey-do list”—a list given to your partner with a variety of chores you’d like him to complete.

To be clear, this is not typically the best option for a Father’s Day gift, regardless of the fact that it could be considered a highly personalized gift.

However, let’s get creative for a minute: With the right spin, perhaps a honey-do list could make the perfect gift? Maybe—just maybe—you could create a honey-do list that will have your guy swooning and sweeping you off your feet in gratitude.

Sounds crazy, but go with me here. I have a few ideas that might make this work.

1. A Honey-Do List of Things He Likes

  • “Swap one of our date nights for a night out with the guys.”
  • “Golf with your buddies instead of fixing the fence next weekend.”
  • “Buy the new drill you’ve been eyeing at Home Depot.”

You run the risk of giving him a heart attack, but presenting your honey with a list of things he will actually want to do may set you up for the best gift of your life next Mother’s Day. (Not that you’d even be thinking about that.)

2. A “Honey-Don’t Worry About It” List

Make a list of all the chores you want your sweetheart to do, like normal, but with an added detail: The name of someone else whom you’ve lined up to accomplish each task. Maybe you and a girlfriend can power wash the deck, or your son can change the oil in the car, or you can hire a handyman to fix your leaky sink. Giving your honey a list of all the things he doesn’t need to do may make rock his Father’s Day, in a good way.

3. A “Honey Do You Want Some Help?” List

Most couples have chores that each person is routinely responsible for. He takes out the garbage. She does the laundry. He cleans the bathrooms. She mows the yard. You could bust up the monotony of routine by offering to pitch in and help your honey for a month (or whatever length of time you like), taking over trash duty or toilet scrubbing. It’s a nice way to give your honey a break without spending money. It just requires a little more elbow grease on your part.

4. A Honey-Do List—for Yourself

Ladies, let’s be honest: Many of us can slide a wee bit over the line between making a request and nagging when it comes to asking our partner to get stuff done. But think about this—are there any chores/tasks/projects that your partner has requested of you but you haven’t yet followed through? Maybe he’s asked you to organize your clutter in the bathroom. Deal with the junk drawer in the kitchen (you know, the one where you stuff coupons that would be better suited in an organizer?). Present him with a honey-do list of things that you’re committed to get done yourself and your deadline for doing them—this may put a little spring in step this Father’s Day.

5. A Honey-Do List That’s Empty

That’s right: Inside his Father’s Day card, include a folded up piece of paper labeled HONEY-DO LIST. He may look at you funny until he unfolds it and see the words, EVERYTHING IS COMPLETE along with two tickets to a baseball game, a movie he’s been dying to see or a new fishing license. According to the men I informally surveyed, the best type of honey-do list is an empty one.

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