Your Pup Will Go Crazy for This Homemade Dog Toy!

Ahh, the sunshine of spring is here. My windows are open, the breeze is flowing through them, and I’m watching my four dogs run in the yard.

Yes, four dogs, including One-Eyed Jack, who’s an Instagram star! I’m a softie for rescue dogs and have three plus one I found dumped as a puppy.

As you can imagine, dog items can get pretty expensive in this house. That’s why I rely a lot on DIY items that my dogs can’t live without, like this homemade dog toy! Make a few of these and head out to enjoy the spring weather and a game of fetch, too.

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How to Make Dog Toys

DIY Dog Toys | thegoodstuff

My dogs, especially my Joy, love to run! Chasing something that makes noise and smells like treats is a sure way to get them some exercise. Here’s how simple it is to make a homemade dog toy:


Homemade Dog Toys | thegoodstuff

• Old sock
• Small water bottle, empty
• Sturdy rubber band
• Treats, crumbled into small pieces

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1. Make sure your sock will fit your water bottle and that your water bottle is completely dry. I remove the labels in case the dogs rip it apart.

2. Add some crumbled up treats inside the water bottle, but leave the lid off.

3. Slide the water bottle into the sock and place a rubber band over the top.

4. You can cut the excess material off or fold it back over. I like to pre-crinkle the sock a little so it’s easier for the dogs to grab.

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Homemade Dog Toys | thegoodstuff

3 Springtime Activities for You & Your Dog

The smell and the noise draws them in and keeps them wanting to play fetch longer! Now that you have an easy and great fetch toy, let’s talk about some activities you can do with your dog to get them — and you — out and about this spring!

1. Take a Walk to a Local Pond

We have a pond in our neighborhood that my dogs love to visit. I keep them on a leash so they don’t chase the ducks that call it home, but if your dog is a swimmer they’ll love dipping a paw or two into the cool water. Plus, playing fetch in the pond is great fun!

2. Take Them on a Hike

DIY Dog Toys | thegoodstuff

We have a nature trail in our area that allows dogs. (Some don’t allow dogs, so be sure to check the restrictions before heading out!) They love to explore and I love that they’re getting the exercise they need. I often come upon clearings while on my hikes, so I take their homemade dog toy to fetch.

3. Take Them to a Dog Bakery

We don’t have a dog bakery near us, but every once in a while I’ll load them up and take them into town for a special treat! Dog bakeries are a favorite stop where they get to sample delicious, usually homemade treats, while meeting other pups!

Homemade Dog Toys | thegoodstuff


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