13 Healthy & Homemade Baby Food Recipes

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13 Healthy & Homemade Baby Food Recipes | thegoodstuff
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You may not get everything right as a new parent, but making your own baby food is one thing you can feel good about. Whether you go fruit, veggie, or a combo of both, serve your baby the best and healthiest ingredients around with a delicious and tasty homemade puree.

It’s can be less expensive and you have control over what’s in it. All you need is a blender or food processor and you’re on your way to fresh, nutritious baby food in minutes.

Though it’s easy to think baby food must come in a jar, fresh made baby food has the benefit of being pure and unprocessed. Since you pick the ingredients, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve fed your baby the best stuff while saving big bucks on your budget in return.

With one bottle of organic baby food costing up to $3 per bottle, a homemade batch can be made with whole, fresh foods can be made for less that $1 per serving. That’s a good deal, baby!

To help you get started, I’ve found 13 fruit and veggie recipes you can make for your baby at home for the perfect way to introduce great tasting, healthy food to your little one.

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  • 13 Healthy & Homemade Baby Food Recipes | thegoodstuff

    1. Blueberry Banana Oat Baby Food

    Yield: 4 servings
    Prep time: 5 minutes
    Total time: 5 minutes


    • 1 banana, very ripe
    • 1/2 cup organic blueberries (fresh or frozen)
    • 1/4 cup old fashioned oats
    • 2-3 Tablespoons almond or coconut milk, if desired


    1. Puree all ingredients together in a blender. Serve immediately.
    2. If desired, pour unused puree into ice cube trays and freeze for later use. Simply toss cubes into a blender with a little almond milk and you’ll have a second batch ready to go whenever you’re ready!
  • 13 Healthy & Homemade Baby Food Recipes | thegoodstuff
    Source: Baby Foodie

    2. Beet, Blackberry, Apple & Mint Puree

    Fresh summer produce shines in this delicious Beet, Blackberry, Apple, & Mint Puree. Introduce your baby to the addicting taste of fresh herbs and berries in this creative summer baby food puree.

  • 3. Kiwi-Apple-Zucchini Puree

    Ripe kiwi, tart apple, and garden zucchini make a beautiful green puree that’s deliciously tangy and sweet. Your baby will love this fun Kiwi-Apple-Zucchini Puree packed with nutritious ingredients!

  • 4. Blueberry-Apple-Spinach Puree

    It’s never too early to sneak spinach into your baby’s food! This Blueberry-Apple-Spinach Puree gets sweet flavor from fresh blueberries and apples, and a little hidden spinach delivers essential vitamins and minerals.

  • 13 Healthy & Homemade Baby Food Recipes | thegoodstuff
    Source: Baby Foodie

    5. Apricot, Pear & Coconut Oil Puree

    This Apricot, Pear & Coconut Oil Puree uses simple ingredients for baby food that’s full of flavor. Fresh apricots and pears are simmered down with a little water and a dollop of coconut oil to give it some extra healthy fat.

  • 6. Cherry, Squash & Almond Milk Puree

    Make this for baby and you may find yourself taking bites! This Cherry, Squash, & Almond Milk Puree is full of non-dairy goodness and summery cherry flavor.

  • 7. Apple & Quinoa Baby Food

    If baby’s ready for grains, quinoa is a great one to try! Apple & Quinoa Baby Food has a dash of cinnamon, bright orange carrots, and sweet apples for delicious pie-like flavor.

  • 13 Healthy & Homemade Baby Food Recipes | thegoodstuff
    Source: Baby Foodie

    8. Mango-Kale Puree with Ginger

    This puree has it all: Super sweet mango, healthy superstar kale, and a pinch of tummy taming ginger that will leave your baby happy and healthy! Sweet, creamy, and tasting like a treat, this Mango-Kale Puree with Ginger will be gobbled up in no time!

  • 9. Broccoli-Spinach-Basil Puree

    This bright, beautiful Broccoli-Spinach-Basil Puree may look gourmet, but it’s simple to make if you cook the veggies in the microwave. Basil adds sweet, herby, and irresistible flavor to this healthy puree.

  • 10. Mango-Banana Puree

    When you’ve got one soft, ripe mango, one banana, and one hungry baby, you’ve got the perfect combination! Smooth and creamy, this Mango-Banana Puree is an ideal first food for any little one.

  • 11. Zucchini, Apple & Carrot Puree

    Paired with apples, pureed zucchini and carrots become a true sweet treat! Offer your baby this delicious Zucchini, Apple & Carrot Puree for an irresistible yet healthy meal.

  • 13 Healthy & Homemade Baby Food Recipes | thegoodstuff

    12. Sweet Potato Puree

    Simple and sweet, this amazing Sweet Potato Puree is made with just sweet potatoes and water. Make this one of your baby’s first foods!

  • 13. Apple-Fennel Puree

    Fennel may not be your typical baby food ingredient, but it’s well worth sneaking in to this Apple-Fennel Puree. Fennel adds a slightly sweet, subtle licorice flavor that’s totally delicious with apples.

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13 Healthy & Homemade Baby Food Recipes

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