Holiday Helper: Start Shopping for Turkey Day!

Holiday Helper: Start Thanksgiving Shopping Now! | thegoodstuff

With Halloween behind us we can give the holidays our full focus. This week, we continue to prepare for our guests because if we spread it out, we can enjoy our holiday meals without an ounce of stress. It’s also time to start thinking about holiday decorations. You may not be ready to put them up but you should start gathering the goods. Here are your Holiday Helper assignments for Week 5.

Continue your cooking and start Thanksgiving shopping

Thanksgiving may be the biggest meal of the year, but you truly can do almost all of the prep way in advance. This week it’s about firming up your guest list and getting some of the big buys out of the way.


  • Get a final headcount and assign dishes. Firm up your headcount for Thanksgiving and divvy out the cooking assignments so you know what you’re responsible for.
  • Preorder the turkey. Stores begin taking preorders this week. If you have your heart set on turkey or ham from a specific vendor, put in your order now. Some stores will provide the entire meal for between $50-$100 for 8.

If you’re bored of the traditional roasted turkey, try one of these inventive cooking methods this year!

  • Stock up on wine & spirits. You can buy alcohol at warehouse clubs even without a membership. But they are going to get really crowded the closer we get to the holidays. Get your wine and spirits this week and tuck away until the big day.

Consider a Thanksgiving cocktail instead of pie for your dessert this year!

  • Scavenge your stuffing. No need to buy fresh bread for stuffing. In fact, you’re better off using stale bread. Start cubing and collecting stale bread and stashing them in a freezer bag.

Start decking the halls (kind of).


  • Trade in lights. Take advantage of holiday light trade-in events. Home Depot is handing out $3, $4 or $5 coupons for Energy Star qualified LED lights when you trade in incandescent strands.
  • Take wrapping paper inventory. If you didn’t stock up on wrapping paper last December 26, then you missed out on the best deals. However, there will still be some sales so take inventory of your wrapping supplies and buy what you need when the price is right.

Follow along with us as we countdown for 12 weeks of Holiday Helper fun


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