Holiday Helper: Time to Spruce Up the Guest Room

Holiday Helper: Time to Spruce Up the Guest Room | thegoodstuff

Soon, you will turn your home into a winter wonderland and welcome a flood of holiday guests. But before that, you need to get your home in order. This week is all about getting your home in tip-top shape. We recommend a deep clean, but if you don’t have time for all that, here are a few tasks you should focus in on.

Get ready for guests

Many of us will have overnight guests at some point during the holiday season. Make your home the most welcoming it’s ever been with this week’s assignments.


  • Create guest welcome kits. Since you’re prepping so far in advance, you have the time to do those little extras like create a guest welcome kit. Fill a basket with toiletries, magazines, late night snacks, and water bottles. For an added touch, put a mint on the pillow just like the fancy hotels.

Don’t forget these tips for how to turn your guest room into the ultimate comfort zone

  • Refresh linens. Make sure you’re stocked on cozy sheets and fluffy towels for your guests. Holiday linen sales have begun, especially on flannel sheets, so it’s great time to restock. Be sure to keep an extra throw blanket at the foot of the guest bed for cold nights.
  • Tackle a home repair. We all have that one thing that’s been broken forever and we just learn to live with it. This week focus on repairing one small, manageable home repair that will help you get through the holidays a little more easily. It could be fixing a leaky faucet or the front door lock that always sticks.

Prepare your kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s definitely the heart of the holidays. This week give your kitchen a little extra TLC so it’s ready to take on the holiday traffic.


  • Sharpen knives. The right tools make the job easy and no tool is more important in the kitchen than your knives. It’s also a good time to assess your knives. A well-stocked kitchen should have at least 4 good knives – a chef’s knife, a parking knife, a serrated knife and a boning knife.
  • Test your oven temperature. Are your cookies falling flat? It could be because your oven temperature isn’t what it says it is. In fact, some ovens can be off by as much as 50 degrees. Buy an inexpensive oven thermometer for less than $10 and test the temperature at 250, 350 and 250 degrees.
  • Clean out your refrigerator. We’re not just talking last week’s leftovers. Toss out those condiments that have been lining your fridge door for years. Pull the shelves and drawers out of your fridge and wash them in warm, soapy water. Make way for all that leftover turkey!

While you’re at it, make sure to put your refrigerator into ultra-organized mode — and keep it that way!

Follow along with us as we countdown for 12 weeks of Holiday Helper fun