Holiday 2014 Sweepstakes: Gift Ideas to Help You Save

budget gift guide While shopping for the perfect thoughtful gift is one of the best parts of the holiday season, sometimes even the savviest of shoppers can get stumped. To help you hold onto your title of “Best Gift Giver” we’ve compiled some of our favorite presents for everyone on your list.

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Buy Once, Gift to Many

heated throw Sometimes a gift can be perfect for everyone on your list. If you find a great deal on an item that you know lots of people will like, don’t be afraid to buy in bulk. It’s like buying every color of that sweater that fits you perfect. Scoop up a dozen of the same present and your shopping will be done in one afternoon. Our favorites include a monogrammed carving board, a heated microplush throw, color-changing pint glasses, and Body Shop gift cubes. Check out the full gift guide for more ideas to help you streamline your shopping with one gift for everyone.

Beauty Stocking Stuffers

beauty 3 Sometimes the best presents aren’t the biggest ones under the tree. These beauty stocking stuffers are the perfect pocket sized presents that will also be friendly on your budget. While the price points might be low, these gifts are not lacking in glamour and glitz. Check out the full beauty stocking stuffer gift guide.

Stylish Gift Ideas

stylish 2 Luxe for less is all about picking maybe one new piece to highlight your wardrobe classics. With selections of jewelry, shoes, comfy sweaters, and plaid accessories, this guide will have you gifting in style. See more stylish gift ideas.

Cool Gadgets That Won’t Break the Bank

gadgets 2 Gadgets make the perfect gift and this list is full of surprising devices that are sure to delight–those items people didn’t even know they wanted, yet will love to have! It’s all about simplifying your life, whether that means keeping your coffee warm all the way to work or disguising a USB drive as jewelry. Read more about gadgets for this holiday season.