His and Hers Valentine’s Day Gifts: Inexpensive Ideas

Man and woman lying in bed while woman holds rose and reads Valentine’s day card

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m sure that many of you ladies and gents are already thinking of what to give your special someone on this day of love. We’re sure you show them every day how much they mean to you, but this is your chance to give Valentine’s Day gifts with extra meaning. Not sure where to start?

It can be complicated sometimes to find something special, so on this day, think outside the box. Be sure to show that you’ve made an effort in picking out the gift as well. Follow our his and hers Valentine’s Day gift guide for all the ways you can knock your partner’s socks off and make this day special.

The Five Love Languages

Valentine’s Day gifts that show you understand your partner’s “love language” are always thoughtful and meaningful. If you’ve never heard of that, you probably need to school yourself a little bit with Dr. Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages. The five include: Receiving Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Quality Time. As a bonus, many of the love languages, like Physical Touch and Quality Time, don’t require you to spend any money at all. There are his and hers Valentine Gifts for every love language, if you’re willing to get creative!

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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Making Valentine’s Day special can be as simple as leaving a note, cooking dinner or giving a massage. These are the best cheap Valentine’s gifts for the woman in your life.

Words of Affirmation

Man and woman lying in bed while woman holds rose and reads Valentine’s day card

  • On the morning of Valentine’s Day, leave her a handwritten love note
  • Place love letter sticky notes in the bathroom
  • Leave her a sweet voice message
  • Send her a special text message
  • Send her a “random” email in the middle of the day to let her know that you’re thinking of her

Acts of Service

Man reaching into dryer doing laundry

  • Prepare breakfast in bed
  • Fill up the gas tank in her car
  • Get her car washed
  • Offer to take the kids to school for the day if she normally does it
  • Takeover the chores: vacuum the house; do the laundry; throw out the trash; walk the dog

Physical Touch

A woman’s foot receiving a foot massage with candles and flowers in the background

Physical touch is also a common love language. Treat your lady to a spa day at her favorite place or even try your hand at giving her a massage at home.

Quality Time

Man and woman enjoying coffee and pastries on a sunny day in a garden

Most women’s love language is quality time. Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Friday, but that doesn’t mean the celebration has to stop there. If you normally spend your Saturday mornings with your golf buddies, take a break and spend it with your lady. Have a chill morning and exercise together or just walk to the park. Have breakfast at her favorite spot, and give her your full attention all day.

Receiving Gifts: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her


 For Her Receiving Gifts

Unique and personalized keepsakes are perfect for the lady whose love language is Receiving Gifts. You can’t go wrong with Etsy Valentine’s Day gifts – and be sure to tell her where you got it. You’ll probably get extra points for knowing what Etsy is.

When in Doubt: Prepare a Meal

Not sure of your lady’s love language? Cooking her dinner is always a good bet. Re-create a meal from her favorite restaurant or the place you went on your first date. Top it off with one of our fun Valentine’s Day centerpiece ideas and a delicious dessert Valentine martini recipe for a meal she’ll never forget.

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

Don’t let them fool you – men love Valentine’s Day just as much as women, and it’s just as important to give them thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts that come from the heart.

Words of Affirmation

Wrinkled piece of paper with a heart drawn on in under a windshield wiper of a car

  • Give him an early phone call just to tell him you love him
  • Put a handwritten note in his car right where he can see it 

Acts of Service

Woman in bathrobe ironing clothes while man enjoys breakfast with their son

  • Make sure his work clothes are ironed
  • Prepare a healthy snack that he can take on the go
  • Offer to do an errand that he normally does
  • Get his car washed.
  • Show up at his office with a cup of coffee

Physical Touch

Man and woman jogging together on a sunny day in a park

A massage works for just about anyone. But if that’s not his sort of thing, then just find simple ways to be more affection, like hugging him when he gets home from work instead of being zoned out on your laptop, for example.

Quality Time

Man and woman enjoying coffee while watching the sunset

Even if you don’t understand a thing, spend quality time with your man by watching his favorite sports with him. You could also workout together if the two of you typically workout alone.

So what about the love language of Receiving Gifts? Well, here are gift ideas in our Valentine’s Day gift guide, all under $100, that will appeal to the senses of guys and gals alike.

Receiving Gifts

For Him Receiving Gifts

If your husband or boyfriend’s love language is Receiving Gifts, don’t worry – you can find plenty of cheap Valentine’s gifts for him. Start with our Valentine’s Day coupons and see what would fit his style. We have discounts on personalized beer glasses, hats, tasty treats and even lingerie – yes, that counts as a gift for him.

When in Doubt: Make Him Dessert

Maybe you just started dating, or maybe he’s just hard to read. If you’re not sure of your man’s love language, making him dessert is the way to go. Don’t know what to make? Sneak in a question about his favorite flavors, then check out our best ideas for Valentine’s desserts for him.

Making your V-Day memorable doesn’t have to be expensive. These his and hers Valentine gifts will fit any budget and are sure to delight your partner. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!


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