Heartwarming World Cup Stories

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It is easy to get caught up in all the competition and aggression that follows the World Cup, especially if your home country gets knocked out. However, the tournament’s silver lining is the inspiring and touching moments that are maybe not so visible to the average sports fan. Here are a few of our favorite moments we would like to share with you:

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At the start of each match, a child escorts every player onto the field. The children are randomly selected from around the world to be 1 in 1,408 to walk a player into the stadium.  Australian player, Mark Bresciano, accompanied by his young fan, reaches down to tie the boy’s shoe during the pre-game festivities.

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In most countries, especially Brazil, soccer is more than just a game to the people. Children fill the streets to soccer with their local friends and are always willing to pass the ball to tourists.

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In 2010, when Brazil beat South Africa, a young fan ran out onto the field. When security was going after the boy to remove him, Neymar, Brazil’s lead scorer, scooped the young fan under his arms and brought him to celebrate the victory with the team.

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They even let the young fan pose for a few photos!

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The excitement is in the air! On Copacabana Beach’s FIFA Fan Fest area in Brazil, U.S. fans watch in agony as Portugal scores the tying goal sending the U.S. off to face Germany.

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A young England fan cringes, as Wayne Rooney’s, England’s top scorer, misses an opportunity in their match against Uruguay math on June 19th.

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Wayne Rooney also had a good reaction as well!

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An American couple celebrates the United States victory over Ghana with a kiss on the beach in Brazil.