How to Remember Healthy Serving Sizes [Video]

How to Remember Healthy Serving Sizes | thegoodstuff

Are you super-sizing your portions? Fill your plate with too much food and you may be gaining weight — even if you’re eating mostly healthy foods! Instead of getting stuck at the same number on that bathroom scale, start watching your portions and see if you can’t just lose a little weight. These easy to remember serving size ideas will make it easy to remember just how much you should be eating.

It’s so easy to dish out far more food than your body needs. But, this fun visual refresher will help you dish out proper, healthy serving sizes at every meal.

Use these serving size tips while cooking up some of our favorite healthy recipes, including healthy chicken slow cooker meals and healthy breakfast ideas your kiddos will gobble up every morning. Want a real challenge? Try eating 100 veggies in just 1 week

Eat the right sized portions with these easy-to-remember healthy serving sizes!

Do you have your own easy way to remember healthy portion sizes? Share it with us in the comments below!