How to Pack Healthy Kids Snacks for Picky Eaters


This week, my kids and I loaded up and headed out for a three-hour drive to our Spring Break destination. Aside from laundry, packing and making sure I had everything I needed to make them happy along the way, I also planned for snacks for the road, snacks for the hotel room and snacks that can be taken on our adventures.

But my kids are picky eaters, so I can’t just toss anything into a bag and go. I had to get creative and think outside the prepackaged box! Here’s how to pack healthy kids snacks while on the go!

What to Pack

  • Fruit (bananas, oranges, melons
  • Sandwiches
  • Personalized Trail Mix (pretzels, cereal, mini marshmallows
  • Chips
  • Mini Cookies
  • Snack Bag Variety

Funny Fruit

funny fruit

Fruit is pretty easy to pack up and take. But when on the go, kids sometimes need a little more encouragement than simply saying it’s good for them. I like to dress up the basic banana, orange or other fruit to make them more appealing! I used cookie cutters to make heart-shaped melons; chocolate chips to make funny faces on bananas and more. Anything that can be made, bagged and put in a cooler ahead of time for travel days is a winner!  Plus, those picky kids will get so much from the fun faces and shapes that it’ll make eating the food a lot easier.

Sandwich Shapes

Sandwich Shapes

Another great use for cookie cutters and great on-the-go snacks for those picky kids are shaped sandwiches! I have one child that only likes grape jelly, one who likes only strawberry and one who wants bananas and peanut butter only. None like crusts and none like squares. So to please picky kids on the go, I grabbed cookie cutters and created custom made sandwiches. Most restaurants let me take some food in as long as I purchase other sides so these sandwiches make everyone happy no matter where we travel.

How to Pack

Snack Bags

butterfly snack bagsSource:

A while back on Pinterest I saw a great idea for a butterfly baggie that was so clever. For my trip, I included Spring Break snacks in butterfly bags complete with a homemade trail mix of pretzels, cereal and mini marshmallows! Created with a decorated clothespin down the middle and fuzzy antennas with pipe cleaners, these bags are so fun for kids and great for in the car. Making them takes no time and the kids get a real kick out of the unique design.

Have Variety on Hand

pack variety

One of the best ways I have found to please all of my kids on a trip all at once is to have variety. I had a large plastic box with a re-closable lid that I put everything in. The difference between this bag and the bag above is the amount of variety included. It acts as more of a one-stop snack stop to satisfy all the picky kids at the same time.

We passed it around the car, on a picnic and in the hotel room so the kids could choose from a variety of snacks. I put fruit, sandwiches, chips and even mini cookies in the variety pack. They got to choose what they wanted all from one bag, which kept me from constantly running to the store or vending machine!

Traveling with kids can sometimes be challenging. But if we can satisfy their basic picky eating habits by being prepared ahead of time with special treats that they will love, we can make the trip more about memories and less about where to eat. How do you pack snacks for your kids?