Halloween Party Ideas: My Target Haul for Under $80


I often think of Halloween as one of those holidays that we don’t really budget for and then by the time November 1 rolls around, we’ve spent hundreds of dollars. Between the costumes, treats and party trays, it can become quite the trick to find ways to save. So, imagine my delight when I was able to get costumes, some party essentials, food and even bags of candy for under $80!

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Halloween Shopping Strategy


I looked at what was on sale at Target to determine my strategy.

  1. Since I have a Target credit card, I knew I would get 5% off the total right off the bat.
  2. Target is offering a $5 gift card when you spend $30 on costumes and certain other Halloween items. It can be hard to find deals and coupons in the days leading up to Halloween, so this $5 gift card is a great deal.
  3. I then checked my Coupons.com app to see what savings I could find. I was able to find coupons for several of the items on my list.
  4. With the app, after I am done shopping I simply took a photo of my receipt to get a credit for the amount of coupon savings. The best part, the money goes right into my PayPal account.

I started with the costumes since I could get a gift card to apply to my other purchases. I went with a costume that is not only popular now but will remain popular for years to come. Perfect for a hand-me-down or a kid’s resale shop. Since Star Wars movies will continue for years to come, a Darth Vader costume was a smart pick. I paid $40, less my 5%, so $38. Since I spent more than the $30, I rang this purchase up alone so I could get my $5 gift card to use towards the rest of my purchase.


With my $5 Target gift card in hand, I bought my candy to give out to trick or treaters. I opted for a candy that doesn’t contain nuts so kids with allergies would still be able to enjoy them. I also looked for the candy with the most individual pieces in the bag. Two bags of York Peppermint Patties came to $5.05 with the sale and discount. So, my final cost after the gift card: 5 cents!

Also keep in mind that not everyone can eat candy, or might appreciate another kind of treat. I found fun Halloween pencils in the dollar section at the front of Target. A package of 10 cost a buck! Not bad, 10 cents a pencil.

Halloween Party Ideas for Adults


We’re not talking about the crazy Halloween parties from your college days, but you might want to invite over a few classmates to trick-or-treat with your kids, and invite the parents to come along, too. This way you can split up supervising duty between the parents, and the kids can have fun trading their treats.  A couple of tips here: I bought Halloween plates, cups and napkins for 2 bucks each. This way the gathering will be more festive, but don’t feel like you need to drop a ton of cash on decorations.

There was a coupon on the app for Oscar Mayer sausage and Pillsbury dough so I can make little “Mummies in a Blanket.” I used a coupon for Sargento Cheddar Cheese to top off Triscuits, which I also got a deal on for just $2.50. Instead of spending money on cans of sparkling water, I bought a large bottle to fill people’s cups

If mom and dad want to trick-or-treat, too, I bought options for both. If you have a black sheet laying around, you can add even more drama. For $3 I bought a witch’s hat that works well with the sheet as my cape. I also splurged on a new black eyeliner and bright red lipstick, both of which had coupons in the Coupons.com app. These will work for my witch, plus I can use them with glam holiday looks through the end of the year. I also bought a Darth Vader mask, which can be worn alone, or spruced up with the black sheet. It’s all about working with what you already have!

Total Target Halloween Haul

In the end my retail cost would have been: $93.50. Including tax and my Target REDcard 5% savings, the Darth Vader costume cost $40.97. Then I scored a $5 gift card that I used on my purchase for everything else, bringing that total to $46.94 (including a few items that were on sale in store). The Cartwheel app saved me another $1.06, then I used the Coupons.com app to get cash back of $2.75, My total, including all discounts, comes to … $79.16!

Under $80 for a Halloween haul that includes a full costume with options for parents, party supplies with snacks and drinks, and candy and treat to pass out to trick-or-treaters. Not bad! If I hadn’t planned out my purchases and looked for discounts in multiple places. I could have easily spent over $200 on Halloween.

What did I miss? How do you plan out your Halloween shopping?

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