Hair Care Tips for Winter Ready Natural Hair


Winter Ready Natural Hair

Every time the seasons change, so should your hair care routine. Hydration is a common issue with natural hair no matter the season, but it gets worse during the winter months because of air quality. Here are  a few hair care tips for winter ready natural hair to keep your coils happy this season.

Co-Wash More, Shampoo Less

Co-wash More, Shampoo Less

Co-washing with a conditioner only cleanses the hair and provides much needed moisture without breakage. Use shampoo during the winter only when you need to clarify your hair. Co-wash the rest of the time for super hydrated hair and do it at a discount with Sephora promo codes to keep your hair and wallet happy.

Don’t Skip Your Deep Condition

Deep Condition

Winter is the worst month for skin and hair mainly because the air is dry both inside and outside. Combat this double dose of dryness by deep conditioning your hair more often. Find a deep conditioner with natural oils and butters, and avoid products that contain glycerin as they can cause breakage.

Use Protective Styles for Winter Ready Natural Hair

Protective Styles

If you do not have time for intense conditioning, co-washing and scheduled wash days, think about getting a protective style like braids, buns, topknots and twists. Use coupon codes from Kohl’s to get a variety of items to make these styles a reality at a discount. Your hair will have full protection from the harsh elements and still look cute.

Seal with Oil

Seal with Oil

Give your leave-in conditioner an extra boost of long-lasting moisture by sealing with jojoba oil, coconut oil or olive oil. This is as simple and following the LOC method in the winter. The LOC method stands for leave-in conditioner, oil and cream. Finishing up with an oil like any of the ones mentioned and then following with a creamy moisturizer and seal in your hair’s natural moisture, which is essential this time of year. To make sure you don’t break the bank with your hair care products, check for discounts on them from stores that offer promo codes like Walmart or JCPenney.

Limit Hat Use

Limit Hat Use

Knit hats are incredibly cute and you may be tempted to wear one you got a deal on with an Express promo code, but they can suck the moisture out of your hair. Limit how often you wear a hat during the day, especially if it is made of wool. If you have to cover your hair with a hat, put on a silk scarf first and then wear the hat on top. Silk scarves prevent hair breakage.

And don’t forget to schedule your wash day because going outdoors with wet hair is a no-no during the winter. Keep your coils from breaking by leaving plenty of drying time, especially if you like to dry your hair naturally.