Grow Where You’re Planted

Gardening TipsHow to Garden When You Don’t Have a Yard

You can grow your veggies and eat them, too, even if you live in a high rise or in the middle of a concrete jungle. There are lots of opportunities for people with a green thumb but no green space of their own to grow their own food and slash their grocery budget.

Here are some possibilities.

Start Small

If you’re a total novice and growing veggies in your kitchen window seems intimidating, try herbs first. Chives, basil, parsley, oregano, cilantro, peppermint and rosemary are some that do well indoors and they’ll add lots of fresh flavor to your meals.

A few tips: You should have good light—a southern or western exposure is best.  Good soil and some way to remind yourself to water the herbs (especially when you first start) is important. But don’t overwater—the soil should dry out just a bit in between watering.

Some people prefer to start with seeds, while others like to start with young plants.  Go with what you prefer. Just remember that the more you use the herbs by clipping off the leaves for your cooking, the more they will grow.

Community Gardens

A community garden is “any piece of land gardened by a group of people.” They’re in cities everywhere, and most charge a nominal annual fee to cover operating expenses. To find one in your area, check the garden finder on the American Community Garden Association’s homepage or contact your local Parks and Recreation department.

Yard Sharing

If you’re an apartment resident with no green space of your own, consider asking for a small plot in someone else’s yard. You may have a friend who doesn’t have time to garden but would love fresh vegetables. Yard sharing gives landless gardeners a place to practice their art and provides fresh produce for people who don’t want gardening responsibilities.

Get Creative

Fill some large flowerpots, a child’s small wading pool or plastic pails with dirt and grow mini gardens. Just make sure that there are small holes at the bottom so that excess water can drain off. This method works well for growing tomatoes. Another idea—plant colorful peppers in an old tire filled with dirt. This makes a pretty and practical way to grow your own produce.


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