Lucky Green Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day


Leprechauns, shamrocks and the luck of the Irish – when people think of St. Patrick’s Day, it usually conjures up images of all things green. There are even whole cities – such as Chicago – who go all out celebrating the day by dumping green dye into the Chicago River! They’ve had the tradition since 1962 and it takes 40 tons of dye to get the river to a suitably festive shade.

While we don’t think you need to go to this extent to get into the spirit, we do think that sipping on green cocktails counts as part of the fun! So let’s pass on the green beer and get inspired to serve up one of these delish and sophisticated libations this March 17th.

Leprechaun’s Kiss

Leprechauns Kiss

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Lucky In Love

Lucky In LoveSource:

Fall in love with the fresh, spring-like, easy-drinking taste of this emerald-tinted cocktail. We just adore any drink topped with champagne and when you mix that with fresh honeydew melon ~ perfection!

Dublin Delight

Dublin DelightSource:

Kiwi’s are loaded with antioxidants and a welcome change from the green beer that often accompanies St. Pat’s Day. Mix in a little Le Citron vodka and some mint and you’re off to the races with this delightful blend of flavors.

East Indies Cocktail

East Indies CocktailSource:

This brandy-based cocktail looks right at home in a beautiful champagne flute. Get ready for a refreshing *pop* thanks to the addition of pineapple juice with curaçao and bitters.

Midori Sour

Midori SourSource:

Midori actually is the Japanese word for ‘green’and is the original melon liqueur. It is also the tastiest way to immediately infuse any cocktail with the emerald tint synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day cocktails. With only two ingredients this tart-yet-sweet cocktail is a quick way to Irish-up any party.

Shamrock Sipper

Shamrock SipperSource:

Sometimes the simplest of ingredients yield excellent results so with this twist on a gin & tonic, grab a bright green can of Sprite soda, do a little jig and sip, sip, sip your way through a wonderful St. Pat’s evening.

Dream Green

Dream GreenSource:

Made with both green and blue curaçao, the base of this beautifully hued cocktail is an orange flavor base. With the dash of lemon juice and mint, those flavors twirl around your glass for a brilliant green cocktail wonder! Yummy!

Irish Flag

Irish FlagSource:

Sometimes a shooter is just plain fun and gets the party started! This shot is a fun choice for St. Patrick’s Day. It celebrates Ireland, uses a classic Irish ingredient, and heck…it’s part green! Have everyone at the party shout “Erin Go Bragh”(Ireland Forever!) before they swig this yummy drink down.

Gold Emerald Shooter

Gold Emerald ShooterSource:

The Gold Emerald Shooter has a really unique flavor combination: melon and cinnamon. It may not sound like your cup of tea, but this is one of those drinks you’ve got to taste – at least once – and what better day than an Irish National Holiday?! Give it a shot!