Semi-Homemade Graduation Party Cake

Semi-Homemade Graduation Party Cake

Celebrate your graduate with an adorable graduation hat Bundt cake you can make using a store-bought cake. That’s right. Even the most kitchen challenged can quickly build this cake. For about $15 and 15 minutes, you can make an impressive Graduation Party cake.

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Shopping List

1 chocolate bundt cake
4 chocolate covered graham crackers
1 small bag Rolo candies
1 small bag M&M’s
1 red Twizzler stick

Grad Cake #1

Make your own chocolate covered graham crackers. First, melt the chocolate in the microwave. I added a tablespoon of coconut oil to help smooth out the chocolate and give it a shine.

Grad Cake #2

Place graham crackers on a rack over a sheet of parchment paper or foil.

Grad Cake #3

Pour the chocolate over the graham crackers.

Grad Cake #4

Use a knife or spoon to smooth it out and let dry.

Place the cake on a plate.

Grad Cake #5

Top with two graham crackers and then add two more going the opposite direction. This gives you a solid base.

Take one Twizzler and gently peel away three strands. Cut to the desired length. Press them at the right hand corner, hanging over the front/side slightly.

Stack 3 sets of 2 rolls around the red licorice. Place a blue M&M into each Rolo.

Last step: Serve at your budget-friendly graduation party and brag a little bit about how easy the cake was to make!

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