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We’ve come a long way from the ‘dotcom’ era. While ‘.com’ was meant to separate commercial sites from say, a government website or a not-for-profit, today’s website types are way more diverse than anyone could have imagined twenty years ago.

You might still be used to typing in .com, but there are actually way more creative options for registering your own website domain. Not only can you pick a domain that’s more in line with what your site is all about, you can also capture a website name that might be unavailable with a .com ending.

With GoDaddy, you have hundreds of domain names to choose from, meaning endless possibilities for your creativity. Start searching for your ideal domain and save 30% off your new domain — and don’t forget the added feature of domain privacy. Save up to 30% when you keep your personal information safe. 

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Thinking of starting your own site? Here are some creative domains to make your site both easy to find and truly yours.

Your Passion: Freelance Consultant


So you consider yourself an expert in an area? Check out the domain .guru to quickly establish your prowess, whether it’s personal training, consulting on a specific topic, or mastery of a particular skill. This clever name instantly adds credibility to your business and establishes you truly know what you’re doing. Use it for your blog, to highlight your credentials in an area, or for an online portfolio.

Hint: Try adding ‘your’ in front of whatever you’re a master of to open up even more possibilities.


Your Passion: Cooking


Love to cook up a storm in the kitchen? How about sharing your recipes with the world? Using the .recipes domain is an easy way to let people know they’re about to check out some yummy eats. Whether you’re running a blog or swapping recipes with friends, this domain is a total no-brainer for any food-related sites.

Hint: Try using dashes to break up your domain name to ensure you get the perfect one!


Your Passion: Pop Culture


Do you adore a musician? TV show? Hobby or pastime? Show your fandom with a .rocks website domain. Whether you’re creating a fan site, sharing theories or fanfic, or posting events, you can easily bring together fans by telling them how much your favorite thing truly rocks!

Hint: This clever domain also works for a music group, a cocktail lounge, or a jewelry line.


Your Passion: World Events


Who needs to sit behind a news desk these days to build a following? If you want to put your own spin on current events, try using the domain .today to draw attention to any site that’s regularly updated. Whether you’re sharing videos, blog entries, curated news pieces, or even something fun like a daily photo or joke, using .today creates some urgency to your domain, and should encourage regular visitors.

Hint: You can also use this domain to encourage behavior changes!


Your Passion: Fashion


If crafting the perfect outfit is what gets you out of bed in the morning, a .fashion domain will be right up your alley. Create a trendy blog, sell handmade goods, or start your own unique online boutique – a .fashion domain shows that style is totally your focus.

Hint: Use ‘my’ to highlight your style point of view right away.


Your Passion: Photography


Whether you’re globetrotting around the planet, taking plenty of snaps of the family, or you make a living as a photographer, the web is a great way to share your favorite photos. Now you can get a .photography domain to showcase your portfolio – whether you’re a trained professional or just having fun.

Hint: Make your domain personalized – try adding your first name to make yourself part of your site’s brand.


Your Passion: Music


Maybe your child has started a band, or perhaps you make a living teaching music lessons. If there’s always a song in your heart, now you can share it with the world with the .band domain (.song, .tunes, and .music are all coming soon!) Post your favorite tracks, special events, or how people can get in touch with you – fellow music lovers will come flocking to your site in no time.

Hint: See if your domain is also available as a dotcom. For example, OurRocking.Band and are both available!


Your Passion: The Little Things


Sometimes you don’t need a single, focused passion. Maybe you want a site of your own to highlight your artwork, your job, and what it’s like to take care of a busy family all at once. We are all more than the sum of our passions – a fun website domain like .life or .family is the perfect choice for a personal site to share what your everyday is like.

Hint: Use ‘the’ in front of your last name to nab the perfect .family domain.

Ideas:,,, CelebrateYour.Life

Feeling inspired yet? Start saving on your your ideal domain, and leave us a comment with your brand-new personalized domain! 


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