5 Ways to Have Girls’ Night In Even With the Kids Home

Let’s face it. Not all of us can get a sitter and go out for the night with our gal pals any time we want to. But, as a busy mom, my mental health needs my friends on a regular basis.

I love to invite my friends and their kids over for a girls’ night in! It’s easier than you think and more fun than you can imagine. All you need is a little creativity, a big smile, and your best pals all around.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for a girls’ night in — kids and all — to get you started. Have an idea of your own? Let m know in the comments below!

Girls’ Night In Idea #1: Movie Night Two Ways

5 Girls' Night In Ideas for Busy Moms | thegoodstuff

I’m lucky enough to have a huge TV in my living room and one in my bedroom, too. Those are the only two televisions I have in my house but both are plenty big for movie night!

I set up a little snack table in my kitchen and another, with more adult snacks, in my room. I let the kids pick a movie to watch while my friends and I escape to my room.

Piling up on the bed like school girls, we watch our movie knowing our kids are safe just a few feet away!

Need some snack ideas? These Grilled Cheese Bites are adult and kid-friendly!

Girls’ Night In Idea #2: Spa Night

5 Girls' Night In Ideas for Busy Moms | thegoodstuff

It’s time to get some pedicures done!

Grab two foot spas — one for the adults and one for the kids. (If you don’t have two, ask your friends if they have one they can bring with.) Grab the craziest colors of nail polish you can find and get to work.

This idea is the most fun when the kids do the moms’ toes!

Girls’ Night In Idea #3: Baking Competition Night

5 Girls' Night In Ideas for Busy Moms | thegoodstuff

My kids are totally into the cooking competition shows on TV. So why not combine that with a kids versus moms baking competition right at home?

The kids will occupy themselves trying to be as competitive as possible as the moms chat about life while baking their goodies. When both sides are done, it is time to eat up and judge whose is best!

Need some kid-friendly recipes to get them started? Give these 16 easy microwave recipes a try!

Girls’ Night In Idea #4: It’s Showtime!

5 Girls' Night In Ideas for Busy Moms | thegoodstuff

Can you imagine the look on your kids’ faces when a group of moms comes out and puts on a show for them?

Adults and kids can split up and have 20 minutes to put together a fun show for the other. Then, they present them. It can be a dance, a play, or just a fun mess of laughter! Either way it makes permanent memories that will always be cherished!

Girls’ Night In Idea #5: Free for All

5 Girls' Night In Ideas for Busy Moms | thegoodstuff

I’m a mom of three girls and my most relaxing evenings are when my kids have other kids to play with. So I order pizza, stock the pantry with snacks, and invite one of my mom friends and her kids over to play. Or, even, just the kids!

With my kids occupied, I actually can sit outside with them in plain view watching with a good book in my hand. They need much less from me when other kids are there!

No matter how you do it, girls’ night in doesn’t have to be banned just because the kids are home. What would you add to this list?

5 Girls' Night In Ideas for Busy Moms | thegoodstuff


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