14 Upcycled Ways to Gift Wrap Wine This Holiday Season


A bottle of wine is a classic, no-fail holiday present. But you can make this fallback gift a bit more memorable by dressing it up in a delightful and unique way. Use simple materials you already have on hand, or get super crafty and creative with these fun ways to gift wrap wine this holiday season.

1. Wine Hats and Scarves

Wine Hats and ScarvesSource: Mom Advice

Even wine bottles can bundle up in winter accessories. These mini hats and scarves are perfect for using up scraps of yarn, and they make any bottle an instantly adorable gift.

2. Up-cycled Sweater Bag

Upcycled Sweater BagSource: Oh My Creative

These festive bags are made out of repurposed sweater sleeves. All you need to do is sew up the cut sleeve end to make the bottom of the sack. Add a ribbon or pompom trim to spiff it up even more.

3. Simple Fabric Wrap

Simple Fabric WrapSource: Northstory

Beautiful fabric speaks for itself. Just wrap it around a bottle of wine, tie it with twine, and secure the seam using Fabri-Tac glue.

4. Double Paper Wrap

Double Paper WrapSource: Tomfo

Everything’s better in pairs, especially wine bottles. Gift two by jointly wrapping them in paper and decorating with cheerfully colored cut-outs.

5. Faux Fur Bag

Faux Fur BagSource: Kristi Murphy

Wrap that bottle in something just as luxurious as its contents. And though this furry case may look fancy, you can make five or six of them for only $10.

6. Dapper Shirt and Tie

Dapper Shirt and TieSource: Sadie Seasongoods

Dress up a gift for the man in your life with the sleeve of an old collared shirt and the tip of a tie. Keep this method in mind when Father’s Day rolls around in a few months.

7. Wrap in Twine

Wrap in TwineSource: Etsy

Use burlap, twine or hemp to wrap around each bottle. As an added bonus, you can get really creative and decorate the twine-wrapped bottles with floral designs and items that spell out words.

8. Knee Sock Cozy

Knee Sock CozySource: Formal Fringe

Give two gifts in one, both of which are perfect for cozying up by the fire. Just pull one sock over the bottle, and tie its pair around the top.

9. Pineapple Wrap

Pineapple WrapSource: DIY Enthusiasts

Why not give your wintery gift some tropical flair? Disguise wine or bubbly as a pineapple by wrapping it in tissue paper and decorating with chocolates.

10. Mulling Kit

Mulling KitSource: HGTV

The only thing better than red wine in the winter is warm red wine in the winter. Bundle up some spices in a cheesecloth sack and tie them to the bottle so the recipient can enjoy a warm mug of the mulled variety.

11. Curly Newspaper

Curly NewspaperSource: Love Laugh Play

This inexpensive idea is also easy to replicate. Wrap bottles in newspaper and curl strips at the top with a pair of scissors, as you would ribbon.

12. Dish Towel Wrap

Dish Towel WrapSource: Cotton & Flax

This Japanese Furoshiki-inspired wrapping method looks easily elegant. Help the hostess with cleanup by using a pretty dish towel to do wrap the wine.

13. Kraft Paper

Kraft PaperSource: Boston Mamas

A classy upgrade to your typical kraft paper, this variety is lighter, softer and eco-friendly to boot. Pair it with winter greenery and berries for a perfect holiday look.

14. Burlap Bag

Burlap BagSource: Mom 4 Real

A burlap bag becomes fresh and modern with whimsical white stenciling and jingle bells. The sewing is very simple, and a pretty ribbon secures the top.

Whether you have 10 or 45 minutes to spare, you can transform a bottle of wine into a beautiful and thoughtful gift this holiday season. And in the process, you can up-cycle old materials or use new ones that are gifts in and of themselves.


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