Germ Fighters to the Rescue

Germ Fighters

As kids head back to the classroom, parents want to stock up their cleaning arsenal to keep their families healthy and their homes germ-free. Fortunately, we’re seeing a plethora of savings on germ fighters to help do just that.

Fight Germs

Apples are so last year. Budget-strapped teachers are all about practical gifts their classroom needs. Buy a big bottle of hand sanitizer and create your own label using stickers or by personalizing a printable template. New customers can save $5 off $30+ at 

Want to protect those shiny, new back-to-school clothes you just bought? Add a stain eraser pen to your kid’s pencil bag. It may be a lost cause on younger children, but chances are, it will be a fashion-forward teen’s new best friend. Get 40¢ off a Tide To Go Pen or Stain Eraser.

There’s nothing worse than a lice epidemic at your kid’s school. Talk to kids about the importance of not sharing brushes, hats or other hair accoutrements. Keep hair pulled back. If worse comes to worst, you can save $2 on RID products.

Disinfecting wipes are a must for any parent. Keep them in the car, in the house, in your gym bag — wherever you can — and use them on often-forgotten but highly germ-infested surfaces like doorknobs, remote controls and phones. Save $0.75 on Clorox disinfecting wipes at Walmart.

Did you miss spring cleaning this year? No biggie—take advantage of germ-fighting deals and give your home a deep clean right now to start the school year with a clean slate. There are even deals on big-ticket items like carpet cleaning. Save $5 on a Bissell carpet cleaning machine rental from Lowe’s.

Final tip: Brand name cleaners can actually save you money. There are some great coupons for favorites like Tide and Windex. Plus, some have more concentrated formulas than their dollar-store counterparts, so it takes less to do the same job.