GEICO Gives Military & Student Discounts in Most States

Ever wondered where to find top student discounts? How about whether GEICO offers student discounts? We’re here to help!

Geico Student Discount |

Does GEICO give a student discount?

Yes! GEICO offers a good student discount. This discount is available when high school or college students maintain a minimum 3.0 “B” average.

Extra details: GEICO offers this discount in most states. To see if you qualify, click through on the link below to fill out the free quote form on the right side.

Expiration: When does the GEICO student discount expire? There currently isn’t an expiration date on this offer. Please refer to the GEICO website for further details on this offer and the latest news and new limitations.

Link to the GEICO student discount

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Does GEICO offer a military discount?

Yes! GEICO offers up to a 15% off your entire insurance premium for retired military, active duty, members of the National Guard, and members of the reserves.

Extra details: Must be active duty, retired, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves.

Link to GEICO military discount

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