Gear Up For Game Day With Our Top 10 Tips

The football, the food, the halftime show and commercials—sports fan or not, the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to party. Get your game face on and throw a bash your friends will remember without stressing yourself out.

Here’s how to tackle the details:

1. If you have the space, set up a TV in one room for hard-core fans who want to watch without distractions and a TV in another room for casual party-goers. You’ll make both sets happier.

2. Cut square coasters out of Astroturf for a creative way to protect your furniture. You can find an inexpensive version for about $2 per square foot at your local hardware store

3. Rearrange your furniture if possible to maximize seating, streamline traffic flow, or create better viewing options. Also, get some big pillows so you guests on the floor can get comfy, too

4. Place garbage/recycling bins in convenient places outside of the kitchen to ease traffic and encourage guests to toss their stuff (so you don’t have to later)

5. Spring for sturdy disposable plates and cups. You may have to spend a little up front, but you’ll save your carpet and furniture cleaning

6. Super Bowl ads are a big deal—have fun during the timeouts with commercial Bingo. Create your own cards and fill squares with things that guests can easily find in an ad, like talking animals or celebrities

7. Kids invited? Set up a play area for them

8. Set out Sharpies! If you’re using paper or plastic cups, it’s the best way for everyone to keep track.

9. Get game day props like foam fingers, Nerf footballs, and pom poms to give nervous fans something to do when they get fidgety.

10. Don’t keep all the food in the kitchen—place snacks and appetizers in a variety of spots for easy access. Plus, it will encourage guests to move around and mingle.

Also, opt for lots of finger foods, if possible. Here are some great offers for your game day festivities.


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