Keep Your Garden Happy while Saving Water & Money

Keep Your Garden Happy while Saving Water & Money | thegoodstuff

Growing a garden can be very rewarding. There’s nothing quite like seeing your hard work pay off in the form of bright flowers, luscious greenery, and the tastiest of fruits and vegetables. But while a garden comes with a lot of perks, it also comes with some expenses. One of those is water. Here are 11 ways you can keep your garden happy without wasting water. It’s good for your wallet and the environment!

  1. Water in the morning. Water during cooler times of day like the early morning to prevent rapid evaporation. This strategy works for evening watering too, however if you wait till then, you’re at a greater risk for breeding mold and plant diseases.
  2. Use a hose nozzle. A garden hose typically flows at 10-16 gallons per minute and that can result in a lot of wasted water. Use a spray hose nozzle so you only use the water you need.
  3. Focus on the root zone. You want to target the roots, so make sure you focuse your soak on the root zone, not the dirt in general.
  4. Jump on the succulent bandwagon. Succulents are on trend and for good reason. Not only are they a darling garden addition but they take very little water.
  5. Utilize mulch. Add a couple of inches of bark or mulch to the top of planters. It insulates your soil, which slows down evaporation.
  6. Employ groundcover. If you don’t love the look of mulch, groundcover is a great green way to trap the moisture in.
  7. Drip irrigation. Not only can drip irrigation be efficient but it can also be a time-saver. Drip irrigation kits start at less than $20 and are surprisingly easy to install.
  8. Keep your grass a little long. Shorter grass actually uses more water and reduces nutrient production, so consider raising your lawnmower blades and keep grass at least 3-inches high.
  9. Check soil moisture. Don’t water a garden that does need it. A soil moisture meter can cost as little as $5 and will let you know if it’s time to water.
  10. Water slowly. Blasting plants can lead to unnecessary water runoff. When you see water puddle, it’s time to stop. If you feel the plant needs more water, move on to another area of the garden and come back to it.
  11. Recycle shower water. Think of all the water that goes to waste while you’re waiting for the shower to heat up. Throw a plastic container in there to catch the cold water and you’ll have enough to water a small garden.

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