Mini-Me Fashion: Helping Kids Find Their Personal Style


Mini-Me Fashion: Helping Kids Find Their Personal Style | thegoodstuff

Every mom knows that once you’ve started shopping for your kids, it’s hard to focus on your own closet for awhile – and for good reason! Not only do kids grow like weeds, it’s so much fun to pick out their outfits. It’s especially cool if you get a chance to imprint your personal aesthetic onto your mini-me.

Of course, your kid’s style might eventually spin completely away from yours. Their child and teenage years are a fun time to experiment with shapes, prints, and colors – including things you’d never actually wear or put together. You may even find yourself inspired by their artful pairing of leopard print kicks with a flowy dress.

Once they can speak up for themselves, just remember to always keep an open mind as to what style your kids might end up embracing. If you’re shopping for them on your own, take note of what pieces they gravitate toward the most and buy things in the same vein. Whether you’re picking out clothes for your little mini-me or helping your child find their own unique take on fashion, here are some fun style personalities you can find at The Gap.

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The Look: Rocker Glam

Embellished Graphic Short Sleeve Tee – $17.96
Stretch Silver Foil Super Skinny Jeans – $44.95
Leopard Slip-On Sneakers – $29.96
High Stretch Paint Splatter Slim Jeans – $44.95
Embellished Graphic Baseball Tee – $19.95
Stud Muffin Crew Pullover – $29.95

Pre-baby, you spent your nights screaming your lungs out in the front row or jamming with your friends. While you might not have much use for those leather pants anymore, you definitely have a bit of rocker edge. Whether you’re still letting your riot grrl flag fly or the kids simply dig things that wouldn’t look out of place in Mick Jagger’s wardrobe, adopting a rocker style is a fun way for your kids to let their inner rebel shine.

Look Out For:

  • Sparkles and studs
  • Music motifs
  • Leather (vegan or real)
  • Skinny jeans and distressed denim

The Look: Dreamy Boho

Crochet Trim Off-Shoulder Top – $26.95
Floral Spaghetti Maxi Dress – $34.95
1969 Bandana High Stretch Midi Shorts – $34.95
Embroidered Split Neck Top – $29.95
Buckle Strap Sandals – $24.95
Straw Floppy Hat – $19.95

You’ve never met a flower crown you didn’t like; comfort, flowiness, and pretty prints are all in your wheelhouse. A lot of kids’ clothes also fall nicely into the boho aesthetic, with perennially popular details like crochet and embroidery. Best of all, the loose fit of the boho look is perfect for playtime.

The Details:

  • Floral and boho prints
  • Breezy cuts
  • Embroidery and crochet

The Look: Preppy and Polished

High Stretch Super Skinny Jeans – $29.96
Chiffon Applique Stripe Tee – $19.96
Tie-Waist Trench Coat – $78
Logo Stripe Pique Polo – $19.95
Plaid Triple Layer One-Piece – $39.95
Love Stripe Pleat Dress – $29.95

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 4 or 40: You value classic cuts and prints that never go out of style. On the upside, if your kid loves that simple polo or trench, it’s usually pretty easy to replace as they grow up. Plus they probably won’t find themselves squinting in horror at what they wore 20 years from now on #ThrowbackThursday!

The Details:

  • Stripes and solid colors
  • Simple silhouettes that have stood the test of time
  • Preppy collared shirts

The Look: Trendsetter

Shimmer Waist Tulle Skirt – $34.95
Tencel Polka Dot Pants – $39.95
Twill Chinos – $34.95
Bold Stripe Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt – $29.95
Texture Graphic Raglan Sweatshirt – $29.95
Metallic Hi-Top Sneakers – $49.95

Your fashion POV pushes boundaries and your favorite items change as frequently as the seasons. From bold colors to interesting designs, you like to turn heads – whether for something you’re wearing or your kids. This style is way easy to accomplish too: When children are still figuring out their personal style, there are plenty of playful designs for them to take for a spin.

The Details:

  • Bright and unexpected colors or prints
  • Fun accents and trims
  • Of-the-moment cuts

The Look: Sporty All-Star

GapFit Kids Double-Layer Long Sleeve Tee – $29.99
GapFit Kids Pleat Polo Dress – $49.95
Love Logo Long Sleeve Tee – $19.96
Rolled Terry Shorts – $22.95
Textured Logo Crew Sweatshirt – $34.95
Shimmer Logo Soft Terry Leggings – $24.95

Call them rough-and-tumble, call them tomboys; whatever the case may be, if your kid has energy to spare and feels freest on the fields (or courts, or rinks), there are plenty of sporty-yet-everyday-ready items to pick from. Athleisure for all ages – what’s not to love?

The Details:

  • Performance fabrics
  • Active-to-everyday designs
  • Jersey-inspired motifs

The Look: Dapper and Dreamy

Jacquard Lace-Trim Top – $29.95
Double-Layer Foil Tulle Dress – $49.95
Lace-up Ballet Flats – $29.95
Stretch Khaki – $34.95
Sweater Shawl Cardigan – $34.95
Chambray Driver Cap – $19.95

Whether you’re shopping for your little boy or girl, there’s something really fun about putting them in clothes you might find in a grown-up wardrobe. From lace trim to dapper boys’ suits, you take the idea of ‘mini-me’ to heart with whimsical, romantic clothes.

The Details

  • Adult-inspired clothing shrunken down
  • Still offers movement and flexibility
  • Sweet kid-friendly accents