Give In to Your Cravings for These Funfetti Rice Krispies Treats!

Funfetti Rice Krispies Treats Recipe | thegoodstuff

Have you ever noticed how Funfetti just makes everything more fun?

You’re probably saying, “Well, duh! That’s why they call it Fun-fetti!”

I know, I know, but even a tiny sprinkle of those multi-colored morsels can make a classic dessert recipe that much more exciting. Case in point: these just plain awesome Funfetti Rice Krispies Treats. Don’t you agree?

Who doesn’t like taking a great big bite out of a classic Rice Krispies treat, miraculously held together by ooey, gooey marshmallow goodness? Something about them reminds me of after-school activities and long summer days.

Of course, I never realized you could make such a good recipe better! Did you know you can mix in some bright and colorful Funfetti cake mix to add a dash of rainbow color and fun to your Rice Krispies Treats? Yum! And these treats get even wilder by coating one end in white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. Double yum!

Ready to whip up a batch of these Funfetti Rice Krispies Treats already? Check out our easy recipe below!

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Funfetti Rice Krispies Treats Recipe


• 1 stick butter
• 10 ounces marshmallows
• 1 cup Funfetti cake mix
• 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
• 1 package white candy bark, melted
• Rainbow sprinkles

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Funfetti Rice Crispy Treat Recipe | thegoodstuff