14 New Ways to Have Fun in the Snow


Avoid cabin fever this winter by taking advantage of the cold and the white stuff that comes with it: the snow! Sledding and snowmen are swell, but there are far more creative ways to spend time in the snow. If you bundle up, everything from games and crafts to culinary explorations can be enjoyed in the wintry outdoors. Read on to see our 14 new ways to have fun in the snow!

1. Paint with Kool-Aid

Paint with Kool-AidSource: Growing a Jeweled Rose

All that white is a perfect blank canvas for artistic exploration. Make paint out of Kool-Aid and water, and decorate the snow with vibrant colors to create a spray-painted look.

2. Draw with Markers

Draw with MarkersSource: How We Learn

If you want to get more detailed, use markers to draw pictures or write messages in the snow. The marker will bleed a bit into for a nicely blurred look.

3. Make Maple Toffee

Make Maple ToffeeSource: Yankee Magazine

Who needs an oven when you have a fresh batch of snow? Take your culinary adventures outdoors this winter by boiling maple syrup, then pouring it over snow so it freezes to make a sweet and chewy treat.

4. Build a Fridge

Build a FridgeSource: Viralnova

If you get a serious snowfall, you can use the pileup to keep beers (or other necessities) cold. The perfect excuse to throw a party!

5. Make a Snow Volcano

Make a Snow VolcanoSource: Science Sparks

Create an outdoors science experiment with this baking soda snow volcano. Kids will love watching the red eruption.

6. Dye Fabric

Dye FabricSource: Tamarack Shack

Snow is actually a marvelous medium for coloring fabrics. Pour liquid dye into buckets of snow, then pile it atop fabric and let it melt. The colors will blur and blend to create a tie-dye effect.

7. Learn Letters with a Snowball Toss

Learn Letters with a Snowball TossSource: How We Learn

Ideal for kids who are still perfecting their alphabet, use them game to have fun in the snow while learning a thing or two. Stick letters to a tree or fence, then call them out while your kiddo tries to hit the correct one with a snowball.

8. Eat Snow Ice Cream

Eat Snow Ice CreamSource: The Otium

Yes, dessert does fall from the sky! You can make a tasty treat simply by mixing snow with maple syrup (or sugar), vanilla, and a bit of cream.

9. Go on an Ice Cube Scavenger Hunt

Go on an Ice Cube Scavenger HuntSource: Barista Kids

Create colorful ice cubes with food dye (make them heart-shaped if you like), then scatter them throughout a snowscape. Have the kids bundle up and start searching.

10. Play Tic Tac Snow

Play Tic Tac SnowSource: Red Ted Art

This simple activity gets a majorly fun upgrade when played in the wintry outdoors. Mark a grid in the snow, then play an oversized game of tic tac toe using sticks and pinecones.

11. Compete in Arctic Tug of War

Compete in Arctic Tug of WarSource: Boys’ Life

A snowstorm is no excuse to give your muscles a rest. Play a snowy game of tug of war; it’s just like the classic version, but the losing team crashes through a wall of snow.

12. Enjoy a Round of Bocce Ball

Enjoy a Round of Bocce BallSource: Steger Mukluks via Pinterest

Uneven terrain always makes this ball-rolling game more interesting, so why not try bocce in the snow? Don’t forget a grippy pair of gloves.

13. Bury Glow Sticks

Bury Glow SticksSource: Simple Fun for Kids

Kids will love making the snow glow. Lay glow sticks out before the snow falls, or bury them afterward to create pretty patterns. You could even turn this activity into a treasure hunt.

14. Try Out Snow Hopscotch

Try Out Snow HopscotchSource: Smore

Who needs sidewalk chalk? Draw a hopscotch grid in the snow, then hop to it.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you cooped up indoors. Grab a few friends, a warm jacket, and have fun in the snow in creative and unexpected ways. You only need yourself and a few simple materials to turn a winter wonderland into your personal playground.