Fun & Festive 4th of July Crafts for Kids

4th of july crafts for kids

Keep kids entertained and in a patriotic mood with these budget friendly 4th of July crafts. We have patriotic themed projects your kids can easily make that can be shared at your upcoming Independence Day gathering. Let their imagination go as they make these projects their own.

Start by gathering any red, white and blue craft supplies you have at the house.

  • Recycle paper towel and toilet paper rolls.
  • Use a coupon to buy your supplies at your local craft store.
  • Set up the crafts at the table and let your kids jump in and create.

Firework Parade Wand

fireworks parade wand

4th of July means it is time for a neighborhood parade. Kids will love to create and carry these worry-free firework parade wands.

Supplies: Cardboard roll from paper towel, foil or plastic wrap, striped paper, glitter and stars garland, tape and scissors

glitter stars garland


  1. Glue or tape paper to roll.
  2. Wrap red, white and blue tape around the top.
  3. Wrap garland around to desired length and cut the top.
  4. Wrap the bottom with double sided tape and place in the top of the roll.

DIY Flip Flops

4th of july flip flops

Express yourself by turning plain flip flops into festive footwear for the 4th of July. Little party pinwheels perfectly clip on for added appeal. 

Supplies: Pinwheels, jeweled stars, ribbon and craft glue


  1. Use a ribbon and a jeweled star to create a variation of the pinwheels.
  2. Simply clip the pinwheel onto the the front of the sandal.

Patriotic Ribbon Bracelets

patriotic ribbon bracelets

Kids will love to accessorize their outfits with DIY 4th of July bracelets.

Supplies: Toilet paper roll; red, white and blue ribbons, jeweled stars, double sided tape or glue

toilet paper ribbon


  1. Cut the cardboard roll in half and cut the desired width of your bracelet.
  2. Cut two or three ribbons for each bracelet about three inches longer than the roll.
  3. Place double sided tape on rolls and center the ribbon. There should be enough on each end to tie around the child’s wrist.
  4. Layer the ribbons and finish by gluing jeweled stars on the top.

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