Break the Routine with These Fun Family Activities


The routine of parenthood, work and life in general can be very busy. As a single mom, I am a scheduled hugger. I have to stay on it or things spin out of control. So having a spontaneous event with my kids is hard. I have to meet their bedtime needs; they have to do their homework; I have to do the laundry and more. But I have come up with some great ways to easily add spontaneous, fun family activities into my kids’ lives that will make their childhood more memorable and bond us closer together!

Take a Free Day

free day

Yes, I know, school is the most important thing my kids will do in their childhood. It builds their base, their intelligence, their social relationships and more. But sometimes — just sometimes — take a free day! Check in with their teacher beforehand and then make a surprise classroom appearance. Take your child out for a mommy and me day of fun! I only do it once per year, but we go out to lunch, shop, or do whatever their little heart desires. for each child. This spontaneous day means I have to take a half day off of work, but the joy from my children makes up for the pain of walking away from my schedule!

Turn Off Everything

It is amazing how much more time can be created in a day when you are not distracted by television, phones, tablets and more. On any random weekend day, we turn everything off. Amazingly enough, the lack of things to check, tweet, share and more, the creative juices flow and spontaneous things happen. On one such day, the girls and I discovered a nature trail in the neighborhood. We discovered a park in our little town and new friends around the corner! Turn it off to reconnect!

Just Drive

just drive

Getting in the car and planning to drive down roads you don’t know with your kids can lead to great spontaneity! It is how we discovered the horse farm that lets kids come and brush the horses free of charge. It is also how we found the little carnival at our downtown square that apparently is there every few months! Driving with the music on and eyes peeled can lead to the most spontaneous moments ever!

Listen to Your Kids

You know your kids need a moment of spontaneity when the sibling rivalry gets out of control, when the sassing back becomes epic and when the schedule you have to stick to becomes boring to them. I have noticed that when my kids are acting up, stopping where I am and doing something as simple as reading a book can alter their entire attitude. Spontaneous activities are just that, a way to incorporate something new into the same ole’ same ole’.

Scheduling spontaneous events for the family can defeat the purpose of “spontaneous” but if we make an effort, no matter how small, it can really enhance our relationships with our kids and their childhood memories! What type of spontaneous activities do you like to do with your family?


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