#TBT 80s Frozen Cocktails: The Daquiri

#TBT 80s Frozen Cocktails: The Daquiri | Coupons.com

As summer is winding down, I’m still relishing in my days in the sun. There is nothing quite like the cooling sensation of a frosty glass and the first long sip of a refreshing drink when it is blazing hot outside. Recently, I found myself face-to-face with a random Thursday night needing a cocktail that was going to take me into cool-down overdrive. It had been a scorcher of a day, I was hot and I wanted a cocktail to chill me the way that soup can warm you in the winter. Then it came to me – what I needed was a frozen cocktail. A slushee for grown-ups! It was #TBT and suddenly, what I wanted more than anything was one of those old school, classic 80’s frozen cocktails to quench my thirst and kick start my night.

Now admittedly, I do spend quite a bit of time creating cocktails. In fact, the inspiration behind much of my blog over these years have been the bartenders and craft cocktail bars that have fueled the cocktail revival these past few decades. For years, I’ve reveled in the decline of the Long Island Iced Tea and overcomplicated, 7-ingredient sweet drinks. Instead, I favored simple and classic cocktails made with spirits like small batch bourbon and locally sourced gin. I jumped into the cocktail revolution feet first and happily ditched the overdone 80’s cocktails I’d grown up with. That said, what I realized was that today was not the day for a craft cocktail. Nope! What I wanted (STAT!) was one of those familiar frozen, tropical and wonderfully frothy cocktails from the 80’s. Think pineapple wedge, a bright cherry and umbrella garnish. YES! I wanted one of these throwback cocktails and I didn’t want to feel badly about it. There I was, pitching myself backwards into the days of blenders and coconut cream!

I excitedly reached for my old school blender and got to work reviving a few classics from the 80’s. After several test kitchen evenings with friends, I’m here to tell you this: Don’t fear your blender! Release yourself from the craft cocktail phenomenon, grab a bag of ice and frappe-away! Frozen cocktails are quite the rage right now and you’re going to have a ball.

For this first cocktail, I went with ingredients I already had in my kitchen. With just rum, lime and some sugar I was on my way to a classic throwback slushee cocktail – The Frozen Daiquiri. With only three ingredients, you have yourself a delicious tropical drink in a matter of minutes.



Tools: Blender!
Glass: Coupe
Extras: Lime for garnish
Servings: 2-4 cocktails


  • 6 oz. light rum (I actually used Captain Morgan’s Silver and loved it, but any light rum will do)
  • 3 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 2 tsp. superfine sugar
  • 1-2 C crushed ice

How to Make It

Add ingredients to the blender and hit that frappe button! Blend for about 30 seconds to chop ice further and blend ingredients. Pour into glasses and garnish.


Keep in mind that you do not need an expensive industrial blender or high-end slushee equipment to enjoy a good frozen drink. Of course, if you have a fancy blender or ice cream maker that’s great, but any blender that can chop ice is going to serve you just fine.

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I prefer using crushed ice vs. regular cubes because I believe it creates a smoother, more consistently icy cocktail. It’s all about the texture.

You don’t need to twirl your ingredients in the blender for 5 minutes or more to get a good frozen drink! Some drinks should only blend for a minute or less. It is really all about the balance of the liquid to the ice and shouldn’t take too much time for you to get the right consistency. Most importantly, measure your ice and it will help a lot.

Blended drinks don’t always come out perfect on the first try, but taste testing is half the fun and fixing the drink is super easy. For example, if your cocktail is too juicy, add more crushed ice. If it is too thick, add more juice. While it is fairly easy to get your hands on fresh juice these days, nothing beats real fresh squeezed citrus. So find that lime and trust us – it will be worth it! One lime can give you about 1.5 oz. of juice, so be sure to have plenty on hand if you’re serving more than a few friends.


The lime recipe above is a classic (read – basic) daiquiri and while it might be one of my favs, it’s also very flexible. Once you have the Daiquiri recipe down, it can then be modified in several ways to match your cocktail mood, your dinner menu or your party theme!

There is a long list of amazing fruits that will complement lime. Think banana, pineapple and strawberry just for starters. The quickest way to alter the flavor of the basic recipe is to add your favorite fresh fruit into the blender. Simple as that! Alternatively, you can add just a hint of flavor by using a flavored rum and there’s a plethora of flavored rums made by Bacardi for you to try.

For the Strawberry Daiquiri pictured here, I added 1/2 cup of fresh, diced strawberries to the basic recipe above. If you want to try a Banana Daiquiri, slice 1 full banana into the basic recipe. Feeling like some pineapple will be the perfect match for your dinner party? Cut about a 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple chunks and blend away!

The 80’s were a great time to experiment with fruit and a blender, so next time the temperature reaches triple digits, have some fun with a classic blended cocktail.

#TBT 80s Frozen Cocktails: The Daquiri | Coupons.com