Get Dinner on the Table With These 10 Free Meal Plans


Tired of opening the refrigerator and not having a clue what to make? Meal planning will save you time and money, while also guaranteeing that you get a great dish to eat. It might seem overwhelming if you haven’t done it before (or if you haven’t read our post on how to theme your week). You can start by learning the basics in that post and then utilizing one of the 10 free meal plans we’ve listed below. These meal plans can be found online and are family-friendly, while some also include shopping lists that make it easy to print and go!

1. 6 Months of Dinner Recipes

6 Months of Dinner RecipesSource:

Use this meal plan to see what you can eat on a week-by-week basis that goes up to 24 weeks! It includes everything from grilled ham and cheese with pears in week one to skirt steak and mustard sauce in week 24.

2. Weekly Menu Plan with Recipes

Weekly Menu Plan with RecipesSource:

Each week you can get inspiration from this weekly meal plan and a recipe for the day. Chow down on this skillet steak tortellini and veggies for a weeknight meal.

3. Real Food Meal Plan

Real Food Meal PlanSource:

Use this free meal plan for five complete weeks of budget-friendly ideas for a family of four. If you are cooking for two, freeze half and build up a week’s worth of freezer meals.

4. Wheat-Free Meal Plan

Wheat-Free Meal PlanSource:

This meal plan features a list of recipes separated by breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks and dessert. Offering flexibility, you can put together your own meal plan, print it, and create your meal.

5. 30-Day Gluten Free Meal Plan

30-Day Gluten Free Meal PlanSource:

If you are on a gluten-free diet, then this meal plan is for you. It is comprised of more than 50 meals for 30 days from buffalo chicken stuffed peppers to cheesecake in a jar.

6. 14-Day Weight Watchers Meal Plan

14-Day Weight Watchers Meal PlanSource:

Are you counting points to meet your goal to get healthier this year? Then try this free 14-day meal plan for dishes that are appropriate for a Weight Watchers diet. There are links to the recipes and a variety of menu choices.

7. 14-Day Paleo Diet Meal Plan

14-Day Paleo Diet Meal PlanSource:

Paleo eaters, we have a plan for you. Each of the 14 days includes a recipe for breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. 14-Day Clean Eating Plan

14-Day Clean Eating PlanSource:

This meal plan will provide you with two weeks of dishes with no sugar, no refined flours, and no processed foods. There is also a grocery list to go along with the plan that’s based on real life, real food and a real budget.

9. Vegan Menu Plans

Vegan Menu PlansSource:

Here you will find many weekly menu plans with recipes from various sources. These recipes include pumpkin cream cheese stuffed French toast, an asparagus mushroom omelette and much more.

10. 28-Day Diabetic Menu Plan

28-Day Diabetic Menu PlanSource:

There are meal plans for many of the special medical diets too. This 28-day plan is for a diabetic diet and is nutritionist approved.


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