Felt Turkey Magnets: A Fun Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Felt Turkey Magnets: A Fun Thanksgiving Craft for Kids | thegoodstuff

There’s something super fun about crafting with kids, especially when the project is easy. As a mom, I’ve learned that the easier the craft is, the more likely we’re going to smile and laugh all the way through. The more complicated it is, the more I’m helping instead of participating.

As I scoured the craft store looking for a fun, Thanksgiving craft for kids, I wanted something simple but entertaining. I decided on felt turkey magnets, which can be super simple or more detailed if you want them to be. My kids and I went with a simple felt turkey magnet and we all had a blast!

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Felt Turkey Magnets

What you need

  • Multi-color felt pieces
  • Sticky eyes
  • Glue dots or squares
  • Your imagination


Thanksgiving Craft for Kids_01

  1. Start by laying out the color pattern you want to use for your felt turkey. I purchased fall colors like orange, brown, and red in small squares. I cut the body freehand — after all, perfection is overrated in kid’s crafts! After cutting out the first turkey body, I used it as a template for the other ones.
  2. Cutting freehand again, I used the same shape and cut a lighter color for the head. I then stacked the three colors I wanted for feathers and freehand cut them out.
  3. I handed the felt over to the kids and watched as they turned the pieces into super cute turkeys. With the feathers in place and the eyes affixed, an orange beak finished them off.
  4. After the kids are done decorating, add a strip of magnet to the back and stick them to the fridge.

Yes, it’s that easy! This is a basic craft, but you can dress it up in so many ways:

  • Add stuffing to the body, head, and feathers by cutting double the felt pieces and using double-sided craft tape to puff them up. You may need to use a stronger adhesive to get puffed feathers to stick together, but the stuffing creates a cute 3D magnet.
  • Experiment with color. I used traditional fall colors, but you can make a neon turkey, light-colored turkey, rainbow turkey, or any other combination you (or the kids!) want.
  • Make other animals. Using the same techniques, create dogs, cats, pandas, and more. You can make a whole zoo of felt magnet animals with very little cost!

Whatever you do with your kids this holiday season, take some time to make some fun Thanksgiving crafts. The laughter and fun are memories we all need!


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