How to Feed Your Hungry College Kid this Summer and Stay Under Budget

feed your hungry college kid

It’s summertime, which means a lot of college kids are home for the break. It also means moms are once again tasked with stocking the fridge with foods your kid will like. Here are some tips on how to feed your hungry college kid healthy foods this summer while also staying under budget.

The Freshman 15 is no joke! Your college scholar is probably used to eating noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so it’s up to you to get him back on a healthier regimen. Shop early, shop often and follow these tips!

Put Healthy Options at Eye Level: Get your kid to break their college eating habit of putting peanut butter on everything. When you stock your fridge, be sure to rearrange it so that the healthier food choices are at eye level. This way it will be a lot easier for your kid to stick to fruits and yogurt instead of making a b-line for the much harder to find snacks. We recommend sticking those in the back of the fridge or not buying them at all.

healthy foods at eye level

Keep it on budget: You can pack up on fruits and vegetables at your local farmers’ markets. Consider buying some healthy alternatives–like deli meats–in bulk as you’ll be surprised at how quickly college kids go through food.

Try a Soda Alternative: Soda is practically a main food group for a college kid, but it can also be a big reason for the Freshman 15. If your kid still wants the soda taste, then invest in a SodaStream. This healthy alternative allows you to create your own seltzer water with added flavors that use natural sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup.


Keep it on budget: Buy cranberry and pomegranate juice that your kid can drink as a substitute for soda or even mix with seltzer and use in their SodaStream. Fresh ginger from your garden can also be used to make homemade ginger ale. And right now, use our SodaStream code to get free shipping on $50+ until the end of the month.

Keep It Fresh: Capitalize on the summer season and go out and pick some fresh fruit. Not only will you come home with healthy snacks that are naturally sweetened, but you just managed to get your college kid off the couch for a few hours.

Having fresh apples, berries, watermelon or orange slices ready to go are easy snacks. Throw some fruit in a bowl, add some mint and lime juice and you’ve got a nice fruit salad. Or even whip up a fruit skewer to make the snack portable. Drizzle some healthy dark chocolate on it to give it a cool twist.

fruit skewer

Keep it on budget: When the fruit goes bad don’t just throw it out. Freeze the slices in bags for a nice fruit smoothie in the future. Frozen bananas are the perfect ingredients for a smoothie, and cold blueberries are a go-to snack filled with catechins that assist in weight loss.

Go Homemade Instead of Take Out: Forget take out pizza! Keep it budget friendly and make a healthier, cheaper pizza at home. It’s fun, easy and it can be a great activity to do together. There is something nostalgic about making your own pizza. Plus, I’m sure your kid hasn’t had a homemade dish in a while, so mom’s cooking is a welcome sight. Feeling adventurous? Make it your own with different meats, cheeses or sauces like basil, pesto, oregano or arugula!

pizza grilled cheese

Keep it on budget: Use pizza in more than one way. Pop it in the stove and make a quick and easy personal pizza grilled cheese on whole wheat bread. Now you have a meal within a meal.

Create a Not-So-Decadent Dessert: When it comes to dessert, it’s not easy maintaining a healthy regimen. But it is possible! A mixed berry cobbler is a nice alternative to a more decadent snack because it’s made with whole wheat flour, blackberries, raspberries and lemon juice. Prep is easy and the dessert clocks in under 300 calories.

mixed berry cobbler

Keep it on budget: Most of the ingredients used in the mixed berry cobbler are readily available in your pantry. And the fresh berries that you stocked up on earlier will again come in handy with desserts.

Before you shop: Another great food to feed your college kid this summer is chips and salsa. It’s pretty much a college staple. With the right ingredients, you can easily make this at home while having enough leftovers to last the week. It’s budget friendly, pretty healthy and completely satisfying.