Deck the Halls and Learn How to Make Your Own Faux Christmas Trees


The big old fir tree is a Christmas classic, but why not mix it up this year by adding one or a few of these little faux Christmas trees to your repertoire? With their wide range of materials, colors and designs, you can easily find a tree to match your decor. And at this busy time of year, a crafting session can feel like a nice change of pace, especially if you can DIY with family and friends.

Felt Stacked Tree (exclusive to The Good Stuff!)

Felt Stacked Tree

All you need to make these pyramidal little trees is felt, a wooden bead, these circle templates, and hot glue. Print the templates onto cardstock (you could use regular paper too, you’ll just have to trace more delicately), then cut 32 circles out of your felt, two from each of the templates. Stack the circles from largest to smallest with a dab of hot glue in between, and top with a wooden ornament. You can keep the palette simple with two alternating colors or go for a wider range of hues.

Paint Sample Trees

Paint Sample TreesSource: Pink Stripey Socks

These minimalist paper trees are made out of paint sample cards, which are free and come in an endless array of colors. Simply cut the cards into triangles with slits in the middle so they’ll slide together to form a coned tree shape.

Glitter and Lace Trees

Glitter and Lace TreesSource: Mad in Crafts

These shimmery trees are both festive and elegant. The bases are paper mache cone trees, which are decorated with a heavy layer of glitter and wrapped in lace trim.

Ombre Faux Tree

Ombre Faux TreeSource: Little Inspiration

An ombre black-to-white Christmas tree is a modern and unexpected spin on your classically colorful evergreen. It’s easy to make, and just requires some strategic spray painting.

Wooden Dowel Tree

Wooden Dowel TreeSource: Curbly

This charming wooden tree is ideal for ornament display in a small space, and folds up easily for storage. To create one, cut wooden dowels into progressively shorter lengths, drill a hole in the middle of each, and slide them onto a central wooden rod.

Washi Tape Tree

Washi Tape TreeSource: Homey Oh My

No matter how small your living space, you can make room for this chic 2D Christmas tree. Simply adhere Washi tape to the wall, and decorate with ornaments hung on bits of string.

Textured Tree Trio

Textured Tree TrioSource: Blue i Style

These three chic trees go together without matching entirely. To make your own set, decorate paper mache bases using faux fur, a bead garland, and paper hearts (using sheet music for the hearts looks especially beautiful).

Book Tree

Book TreeSource: Nur Noch

The only trick to this tree is finding a book you don’t mind decimating. Once you have, simply slice through all the pages and open them up to form the body of the tree, then glue on a thin branch or log as the tree stump.

Fringe Trees

Fringe TreesSource: A Bubbly Life

These frilly pastel trees are a playful addition to Christmas decor. Simply cut into strips of tissue paper to create fringe, then adhere the strips to a cone base using double-sided tape. A glitter tree makes for fabulous contrast.

Sequin Trees

Sequin TreesSource: Momtastic

These sparkly trees are guaranteed to set the party mood. Using trim instead of individual sequins makes covering the cone base a less tedious task.

Pipe Cleaner Trees

Pipe Cleaner TreesSource: DIY Show Off

These adorable little pipe cleaner trees can be stand-alone decor or can be used as ornaments on the big fir. To make, simply wrap wire pipe cleaners around foam bases, and add a little bell for the stem. Mix up your wrapping techniques to create different looks.

Recycled Paper Tree

Recycled Paper TreeSource: Katrinshine

Stack squares of paper onto an awl to create this geometric tree. Using a variety of papers, from newspaper to booklets, creates visual interest. Finish it off with spray glue and a layer of pearl dust.

Cupcake Wrapper Tree

Cupcake Wrapper TreeSource: Domestic Whimsy

You’ll find the materials for this delectable tree in your baking stash. To make, layer the ruffled edges of cupcake wrappers onto a cone tree base, then paint with watercolors for a softly colored effect.

Yarn Wrapped Trees

Yarn Wrapped TreesSource: Sweet Society

White with pops of red evokes Christmas while still looking chic. To make these elegant trees, wrap a foam base with yarn, gluing as you go, and embellish with faux red berries. Top them off with mini faux snowflakes.

Metallic Trees

Metallic TreesSource: Alyssa and Carla

These shimmery minimalist trees are oh-so-easy to make. Simply paint paper mache cones with various shades of metallic paint, and don’t be afraid to break out of the usual yuletie palette with pink and bronze.

Tin Can Tree

Tin Can TreeSource: Babble Dabble Do

This wacky tree is a fun project to do with kids. Spray paint tin cans, hot glue them together, and have fun decorating with pompoms and other embellishments.

Gold Leaf Tree

Gold Leaf TreeSource: Crafts Unleashed

This shining tree looks impressive, but it’s quick and easy to make. Simply stick gold leaves into a foam cone base, adding a touch of hot glue here and there for a bit more security.

Cork Tree

Cork TreeSource: Bliss Bloom Blog

Return cork to its original state by transforming it into a tree. Cut a roll of thin cork sheet into leaf-like shapes, taking advantage of its natural tendency to curl, and adhere the pieces to a paper mache cone base.

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees

Glitter Bottle Brush TreesSource: Bre Pea

This whimsical winter wonderland scene is easy to replicate. Bleach bottle brush trees, then spray paint them in shades of blue, purple, and green. Finish them off with a sprinkling of glitter.

Rulers Tree

Rulers TreeSource: My Salvaged Treasures

Turn this simple school supply into a tree you can count on. Vintage rulers work especially well, but you could also go for a modern look. SImply cut your rulers to varying lengths and glue them to a small cabinet door or other wooden base.

Feather Trees

Feather TreesSource: Grey Likes Weddings

There’s something a little magical about trees covered in wispy feathers. You can use all white plumage or natural browns, or a combination of both.

Twine and Button Tree

Twine and Button TreeSource: Domestically Blissful

Buttons act as adorable ornament substitutes on this twiny little tree. To create your own, wrap a cone base with twine, then glue on buttons. Top it off with a touch of diamond dust.

Seashell Trees

Seashell TreesSource: At the Picket Fence

Forget a white Christmas- why not go for a seaside-inspired noelle theme. To make these beachy trees, glue seashells to a cone base, then spray paint.

Plastic Spoon Trees

Plastic Spoon TreesSource: One Project Closer

Who knew spoons could be so pretty? Adhere the ends of spoons to a cone base, then spray paint to create this textured trees. Brown and gray hues are subtle and chic.

Ribbon Tree

Ribbon TreeSource: A Creative Yarn

This loopy tree is made out of folded pieces of ribbon. Red and green are classic, but you could use a neutral palette or even pinks and purples. A gift bow is the perfect tree topper.

Allover Pompom Trees

Allover Pompom TreesSource: The Little Style File

There’s no trick to making these vibrant and playful little Christmas trees. Just cover a cone base in lots of little pompoms, and stack several colorful tape rolls under the base to create a trunk. Top with a pretty star ornament, and you’re done.

Fabric Scrap Trees

Fabric Scrap TreesSource: At The Picket Fence

Combine patterned fabric and burlap to make these beautifully patchworked trees. You could mix several prints in one tree for an even more up-cycled look.

Mercury Glass Trees

Mercury Glass TreesSource: A Night Owl Blog

Get the ethereal look of mercury glass for a fraction of the cost. Simply spray paint glass trees with a combination of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint and zinc acrylic paint.

Craft Stick Trees

Craft Stick TreesSource: Crafts Unleashed

These adorably wonky trees are made out of colorfully painted craft sticks decorated with puff paint. A wooden spool base with a touch of fuzzy excelsior creates the stump.

Burlap Trees

Burlap TreesSource: Inspired by Charm

The neutral hue and straw-like texture of burlap look good in pretty much any setting. To make this shabby chic Christmas tree, layer folded burlap onto a cone base.

Thread Spool Tree

Thread Spool TreeSource: Maya Road Design Team

This antiquey Christmas tree is full of character and charm. To make, cover wooden spools with vintage sheet music or old book pages and stack them into a pyramid shape.

Think outside the evergreen box this year with your Christmas tree decor. Turns out this quintessential yuletide feature comes in all shapes, sizes and materials. Many of these projects begin with a simple cone base; others are constructed from scratch. Whatever approach you choose, have fun creating faux Christmas trees that suit your style and holiday spirit.


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