Father’s Day Gift Guide: Outdoors Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide: Outdoors Dad | thegoodstuff

In honor of all the dads out there, we’ve nominated some of the Coupons.com family to share their favorite parts of being a dad, and some of their words of wisdom.

Our Coupons.com Outdoors Dad is Mark, father of 2. He is the dad of Coupons.com employee, Ashley. 

Q: Why did you nominate your dad?

A: I nominated my dad because he is a great, fun loving guy who would never image him being featured on a website. I think that if he could see the pictures up on the site, he would be blown away and really feel the love as it is something different and shows a different kind of appreciation.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?

A: Fishing. My dad and I used to take a fishing trip every other year to a new destination and go fishing. We have been to Florida a couple times for different places and fishing, Canada twice, Costa Rica, Oregon multiple times. We have not been able to do that for a very long time, but we do have one scheduled this year in August to go fishing in Oregon. There are a lot of memories fishing in the different types of water and day or night fishing depending on the fish.

Q: What is your father’s best Dad Joke?

A: No Clue! He jokes around all the time, but I really would NOT say he has a go to joke. It is going to be whatever he heard recently because he doesn’t remember what joke he has told versus has not told.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice your dad every gave you?

A: It’s good to own and invest in your future, but make sure to still live and have fun. Don’t be house poor and get caught up in all the bills and ownership. Go on trips, explore and enjoy yourself. Before you know it, it could be too late and you will have missed out.

Q: How are you like your dad?

A: My dad and I are a lot alike in our activities and how we like to relax. My dad and I grew up playing sports together, video games, musical instruments, our love to travel, explore and go fishing!

My mother and sister do not partake in fishing as neither like it…too boring and dirty for them! That is probably the main thing that is really just ours.

Q: What is the best gift you ever gave your dad?

A: I do not know what my dad would say is the best gift I have ever given him. I think it would be that I graduated college early and got a job out of college so I was on my own and he no longer supported me! He knew that I could take care of myself and I had my own income for budgeting.

Outdoors Dad


Q: What is your favorite outdoor adventure with your dad?  

A:  The first Florida trip my father and I went on was the best adventure.  We learned a lot of things on this trip from sometimes hotels on the water will have lizards in the coffee cups when you arrive, to we bought 2 huge coolers thinking we would send all this fish home after 3 days of fishing (we sent nothing home), make sure you wear sunscreen even if you don’t normally burn, ask the guide for opinions and insight to what is going on right now in the fishing world.  When we asked for insight we got to go on extra adventures that we normally would not have.  We got to try night fishing, we did flat fishing, deep water fishing (I caught a 100 lb shark) and some of that we would not have normally done as they are not all normal fishing guide trips.  That was the our favorite adventure because it was the first and the most memories from it for just the two of us.

 Q: What is the best outdoors skill your dad taught you? 

A:  My dad has taught me all about fishing.  If I were ever stranded, I would like to think all the skill for fishing he has taught me would come in handy and I would at least be able to have a food source with fish.  

But other than fishing, my dad has taught me tons of sports skills.  My dad taught me to play basketball, softball, volleyball, golf, etc.  He has always been there to teach me how to play as he played when he was a kid and still for fun now.  I know how to be a team player and how to work with one another not only from the sports an coached but from my dad.  He always said treat others as you want to be treated and that is no different in sports as it is every day life.

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