Classy (Not Cheesy!) Family Portrait Themed Outfits

family portrait themed outfits

Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is when the people are the most inspired to dress up, but it’s not always easy to coordinate outfits – especially for a family. So whether you’re thinking of a family portrait, going to a reunion with your clan or a party with friends, here are a couple ideas that will show you how to put together the perfect family portrait themed outfits. The festive pieces shown here were picked up from affordable brands H&M, Kohl’s and Old Navy.

Look One: The Casual Brunch

holiday-casual (2)

The Casual Bunch is a style fit for an informal gathering with friends or a fun holiday photo shoot with your children. The key here is to mix neutrals and fall colors as well as solid and prints without overdoing it. Plaid is a great print and is usually readily available so you won’t have a hard time picking it up if your man or your little boy doesn’t have any yet. One or two in your family can wear prints here and there. Having your baby girl or little man wear a winter accessory such as a beanie will look totally cute!

Look Two: All the Elegance

holiday-formal (2)

All the Elegance is a more formal outfit idea with a red, gray/black, and pink color combination scheme. Mixing a sweet pastel color, especially pink or blush, with the usual holiday red color will look great in photos and in person. Although I have shown ideas for little kids here, you can definitely apply the concept for your teenagers if you have any. If you have a bigger family, having two or three of them wear some print tops or dresses is totally fine.

You can never go wrong with these two outfit ideas. Make sure to have more solids than prints, especially if it’s for a holiday family portrait. You want to look festive without looking tacky or cheesy. If you do any of these family portrait themed outfits, please be sure to tell us all about it in the comments below!